Voice UI and the Amazon Echo

Designing for speech

Did some interesting research and reading about designing for voice UI because I’m participating in an Amazon Echo/Alexa hackathon this weekend at Connected Lab. I can already imagine Linguo coming to life.

Linguo dead?
Linguo IS dead

It’s interesting with visual UI you can have clutter, so you limit how many options you display. With voice UI, there are an infinite number of possible commands and options without ever feeling that clutter. In fact it could be liberating! The drawback is that the user has no idea what are the infinite possible options that they can choose from — creating frustration and a bad UX.

It’s actually quite difficult to come up with something that is faster/more natural to use over voice than via visual interface beyond your info retrieval (what’s the weather, who wrote this book, etc) and the simple control of the various smart things in your ‘CoHo’ connected home as Amazon calls it. Excited to see what some of these teams dream up!

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