It would be helpful if, when you’re talking about porn users you would say men, because the # of…
Zoë Lafantaisie

I am sorry I do not have solid numbers or evidence to back this up, but my understanding is that women are or are nearly equal consumers in porn. In abusive anal porn in particular I have read that women are a large majority of viewers. But this takes nothing from the message of the article — pornography reinforces certain attitudes and perceptions about relationships between people which are at face value (thank you to the author for calling this out!) horrific and dehumanizing. Watching pornography affects not only how we view others (of any gender) and their value in the world but also how we view ourselves and our own value in the world. What does porn teach us about the role of men? What of the role of women? Rest assured, creating sexual stimulation while portraying violence IS teaching us something.

While Tom Farr states in his own response that he did not intend to make a point by keeping the phrasing non-gendered, I would make precisely that point. It is damaging to both men and women for MEN to view this sort of sexual expression with WOMEN as normal or appropriate, and it is damaging to both men and women for WOMEN to view this sort of sexual expression by MEN as normal or appropriate. I could change the above wording to include *any* type of human being treating *any* other type of human being and the truth is still there.

I understand the desire some people feel to explore taboo behavior or to delve into a wider range of sexual expression — but that is NOT what porn is about, nor what it is selling, nor what is gained from its consumption. If some people feel they have benefitted from pornography, I cannot imagine how this benefit can possibly outweigh the clear and obvious harm porn poses to humans of every gender and sexual persuasion. Normalizing violence against anyone by anyone is still destructive and degrading for all people. And it does not matter at all who is reaping the financial benefits of this violence — the harm is still done regardless.