A comprehensive list of DramaSystem Series Pitches

JC Cubertafon
21 min readMar 2, 2015

You may know Hillfolk, the RPG designed by Robin D. Laws and published by Pelgrane Press.

In a nutshell, the DramaSystem aims to emulate serial dramas, especially longer-running ones, just like some well-known TV-shows: The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Oz… The core element of play is dramatic interactions. Procedural and action scenes are no longer on the spotlight. They are at the service of dramatic points and arcs. Think of DramaSystem as tools to run a dramatic narrative campaign where characters interactions are preponderant.

If the core book aims to portray members of an Iron Age tribe, it also contains additional settings meant to be played with the DramaSystem. The second book, Blood on the Snow, a DramaSystem Companion, also contains settings called Series Pitches. And Pelgrane published twelve additional Series Piches thanks to an annual subscription. Here is a comprehensive list, I hope, of the official (and a few unofficial) Series Pitches.


Hillfolk by Robin D. Laws

This is the first and foremost setting of the core book.

In the shadow of empires, an epic saga of ambition and desire! In an arid badlands, the hill people hunger. Your neighbors have grain, cattle, gold. You have horses and spears, courage and ambition. Together with those you love and hate, you will remake history — or die.

Hollywoodland by Jason Morningstar

1914: A tidal wave of money and power courses toward the dusty orange groves east of Los Angeles, and every movie business huckster, old money swell, and gun-toting yegg intends to dip their bucket in the flood.

Mad Scientists Anonymous by Michelle Nephew

The struggling members of a support group for recovering mad scientists discover that relapse is only an accidental cackle away.

Moscow Station by Kenneth Hite

What’s the only place on Earth more paranoid and dysfunctional than Brezhnev’s Moscow? The CIA station spying on it.

Adrift and alienated in a deadly police state, the personnel of Moscow Station work to discover the truth, and then to keep it hidden at all costs.

World War 2.1 by Matt Forbeck

Stranded time travelers are torn between the struggle to return home and the conflagration of WWII.

Malice Tarn by T. S. Luikart

The King With A Thousand Enemies has forgotten his triumphs, his tragedies, and his sins. As his rule falters, hidden truths collide with cherished myths, with far-reaching consequences for his Warren Kingdom.

You, the next generation of courtiers in the Warren, will determine how they play out.

Inhuman Desires by Jason L. Blair

Monsters in love fight to retain their humanity amid struggles for power, survival, or a way out.

Brigade by Chris Pramas

Men and women from the world over come to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War. Some lose their lives; others, their idealism.

Colony Wars by Emily Care Boss

As humanity spreads across the solar system, new colonies have sprung up on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the asteroid belt. Clashing interests create exploitation, cultural division, and, ultimately, civil unrest. Which side will you choose when the revolt comes to your home?

Mafia Century by Rob Wieland

An organized crime family rises and falls through the 20th century. Players portray the crime family and those drawn into its web of money, power, and blood. As characters are murdered, betrayed, and exiled, new characters come into play to pursue the American Dream any way they can.

4 Motion by Steven S. Long

Subjects of the Aztec Empire plunge into turmoil when the white man arrives on their shores, while the Spaniards struggle to survive in a strange New World.

Deadweight by Eddy Webb

The owner of a struggling independent professional wrestling organization (called a “promotion” in the trade) turns to illegal activities to try to stay afloat, causing tension and chaos both backstage and in front of the audience. It’s Breaking Bad meets The Wrestler.

The action revolves around Midwest All-Star Wrestling, an independent promotion based in Ohio and teetering on the edge of insolvency.

The White Dog Runs at Night by Jesse Bullington

After the head of a rural moonshining family is arrested, the remaining brood must try to keep the family business afloat even as law enforcement, rival outfits, and a tee-totaling preacher all begin exerting pressure on them.

Henchmen by Gene Ha & Art Lyon based on a concept by Lowell Francis

In a city dominated by costumed crimefighters and villainous masterminds, a crew of mundane specialists fights to live another day.

Battle Of Wits by James Wallis

In the Age of Satire and Scandal, poets, playwrights, and pamphleteers vie for fame, influence, love, financial success, and not being beaten to death in an alley.

We are in London in the early eighteenth century. Specifically it is the year 17 — , the height of the Augustan age, one of those strange eras where people give a damn what poets think. England is laying the foundations of its empire and writers are at the heart of that process. Some have the ears of powerful people, others are the favourites of the chattering classes or the mob, and a few wield influence in government and at court. There is fierce rivalry for these favoured positions, almost none of it good-natured. Writers spend a solid chunk of their time dissing the work of others. It’s like an epic rap battle, with fewer drive-bys16, played out over entire careers.

It is a time when the pen truly is mightier than the sword, so long as you’re not facing someone who has a sword.

The Whateleys by Chris Lackey

A family of Lovecraftian cultists struggle to thrive in modern society while hiding their secrets and vying for the favor of the old gods.

Horns in the Hill by John Scott Tynes

A colony of ants wracked by war with a rival anthill faces a horrific fungal zombification outbreak from within.

Tesseract, WY by Ryan Macklin

“I’m moving back to Los Angeles. It’s too goddamn expensive in Wyoming.”

In a bright future where humanity can teleport to other planets, the common people in the slums of Tesseract, Wyoming struggle in hope for a better life.

Pyrates by Graeme Davis

A motley crew tries to make a living in the 17th-century Caribbean by fair means or foul.

Shakespeare, VA by Dave Gross

Residents of a theater festival town struggle for control of a community wracked by drug crime, political intrigue, culture clash, academic and thespian rivalry, enigmatic murders, and a touch of the weird.

Bots by Allen Varney

On a far-future Earth cleansed of organic contamination, hyper-capitalist robots struggle to pay off their parts.

Under Hollow Hills by Meguey Baker

Lesser fae and wayward humans strive for advantage as tensions rock the court of the Fairy Queen.

For thousands of years, the Queen has ruled beneath the hills. Her domain is everywhere; all below-world creatures are Her subjects. The quixotic acts of individual fae counterpoint the endless circling of royal houses. Occasionally open conflict flares between rival factions. Some fae have very long memories, and a single misstep can dog a courtier’s fate for centuries.

First Contact by Sarah Newton

A disparate group deals with the epoch- making fallout when a United Nations team makes apparent contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Clockwork Revolver by Kevin Kulp

Old West gunslingers face steam-powered abominations on the lonesome prairie, driven by the rush for a newly discovered otherworldly resource, the fuel called lucifer.

By This Axe by Mac Sample

The Great Orc Chieftain is dead! All hail the Great Orc Chieftain!

The only surviving heirs to the Last Orc Warlord vie for his throne. Let assassination, demagoguery, thuggery, and violence decide the day!

Shuriken in Shadows by Jason Pitre

Ninja families struggle to serve their honorable masters in old Japan’s mid-16th century Warring States period.

Teatime for Elephants by Wolfgang Baur

Undertake a genteel bit of mischief in Colonial India during the Raj, as provincial potentates face tigers, Sepoy rebellions, and dire breaches of etiquette. White linen meets Kipling-style bravado — should you shoot that blasted rampaging elephant before or after tea is served?

Dreamspace by Keith Baker

Lost in the universal unconscious, the crew of the dreamship Endymion searches for reality.

Intelligence by Will Hindmarch

Near the turn of the next century, secretly sentient androids struggle to live in an America that doesn’t recognize their rights.

Maroons by Rob Heinsoo

Escaped slaves and Indian tribes intermingle bloodlines and spirit pantheons in a jungle refuge they defend against European slavers — a mocambo.

For Queen or Country, or: Dead Mens’ Chests by Ed Greenwood

Deadly faerie monsters invade an alternative Elizabethan England, perhaps with the Virgin Queen’s connivance, leaving the defense of the realm in the hands of an outwardly motley but tight-knit group of adventurers, plotters, and lovers.

Blood on the Snow

Blood on the Snow by Pedro Ziviani

At the edge of the known world, in a land without a king, Norse farmers and Viking warriors seek honor and justice, often through bloody revenge.

Shanghai 1930 by John Rogers

In the sin-drenched free port of 1930s Shanghai, criminal gangs, refugees, revolutionaries, and adventurers vie for power as a new world war looms.

Darke and Stormy Nights by Scott Bennie

As a winter storm batters the great house of Stormgate, two conniving families of American aristocrats, the powerful, imperious Storms and the once-illustrious, resentful, Darkes, seek to control the fortunes of the coastal town of Storm Cove, unaware that a great supernatural evil is about to awaken. How will an ancient curse and fortune’s web ensnare the town’s rival families?

System Shock by Steve Darlington

Galatea General Hospital has always been on the cutting edge of cybernetic medicine, but will its patients really trust a robot to save their lives?

The Chase by Paula Dempsey

Glitz and glamor abound in the racing world, where millions can be won and lost, and battles aren’t confined to the racecourse.

Gangs of Old York by Jack Norris

Anglo-Saxon commoners and their deposed and hunted Anglo-Danish lords try to survive the Harrowing of the North, a genocidal campaign by William the Conqueror’s Norman army in the 11th century. Outlaws and rebels, they must fight starvation and oppression to find some justice and peace for their people.

Andalusian Nights by Ken Burnside

Under the tempting shadow of forbidden knowledge, the Jewish community of 11th Century Al-Andalus bargains to prop up its decadent Islamic overlords against the barbaric Christians from the north.

The Green Line by C.A. Suleiman

A Palestinian family living in the West Bank faces danger from all sides when their teenage daughter manifests telekinetic powers.

Dolphin by Richard Iorio II

The Blue is threatened. The Blight’s warriors assemble. It is time for those who believe in peace to come together and bring an end to this festering evil.

To End All Wars by Kevin Allen Jr.

Secret magi fight the First World War.

Mutant City: HCIU by Robin D. Laws

Ten years after 1% of the population acquired super-powers, the cops of the Heightened Crime Unit live, love, and occasionally put away a genetically enhanced perp or two.

Vice and Virtue by Andrew Peregrine

It is 1813, the height of the Regency. The characters visit the fashionable city of Bath, where the emotional whirl of the social season awaits.

The Throne by James L. Sutter

Angels and other supernatural beings scheme and war for control of a Heaven abandoned by God.

Family Business by Aaron Rosenberg

When the law closes in, trying to shut them down for good, a family of crooks, con artists, and thieves has to rely on everyone’s skills and loyalty.

Rust by Sean Preston

In an ancient castle at the edge of a crumbling steampunk empire, the Chosen compete for the crown of the Seven Realms.

The Moorlands have long been at peace under the sage guidance of good King Vedric, but the people have petitioned him to step down.

Why did they do this?

He has agreed, provided they can designate a suitable replacement who meets with his approval: one of the bloodline, one clever enough to survive the deadly court intrigues and shadowy secrets of Castle Ferric.

Fire in the Heartland by Greg Stolze

In small town Wisconsin, populations trend towards the triple digits. Everyone knows everybody. Anonymity occurs only by accident or after careful planning and painful effort. People guard their privacy, and there’s a culture of reticence, but that’s because circumstances demand it. Without respect for boundaries, the whole thing would explode.

Fire and disaster and cancer and grievous wounds don’t respect boundaries. Which puts the first responders of Badger Creek, WI in tricky situations. What do you do when you’re sworn to save lives … and you’re faced with a shame someone would die to conceal?

The Spirit Is Willing by Lester Smith

Caught between life and the afterlife, a band of lost souls struggle to survive and transcend.

The Champion of Florence by Josh Roby

The Champion of Florence is an epic poem, preserved only in fragments, which portrays the machinations and travails of a large number of colorful characters against the backdrop of Renaissance Florence. Many scholars believe Shakespeare had an extant copy of the poem … and stole liberally from its characters and plotlines.

You play the people whose loves and loyalties inspired the poem that inspired the bard.

Article Nine by David L. Pulver

Tensions boil in the Pacific as the Japanese Self Defense Force develop their first super battle mecha.

Against Hali by Robin D. Laws

Student revolutionaries mix love, ambition, and revolution in a dictatorial alternate present warped by the eerie power of The King in Yellow.

Paged by Steve Dempsey

Literary characters escape from the books in the British Library to take up housekeeping as North London flatmates.

The Shadow of Napoleon, or: Turku by Lamplight by Mike Pohjola

19th century students balance revolutionary ideas, family traditions, and the Czar’s oppression.

Transcend by Jennifer Brozek

A far-future family is thrown into crisis when one of their number unexpectedly announces plans to undergo radical gene surgery and leave human morphology behind.

The Last Kingdom by Jeff Richard

In the wake of Octavian’s conquest of Cleopatra’s Egypt, a band of mercenaries who fought for Mark Antony make their way east to India seeking the last free Greek kingdom.

Secret of Warlock Mountain by Wade Rockett

Psychic alien castaways build a new home on a strange and frightening world: Earth in 1965.

Alma Mater Magica by Angus Abranson

After years of drifting, divorce, and disappointment, former friends who saved the world as teenagers return as faculty members to the tradition-bound boarding school that trained them to be wizards.

The Road to Appomattox by Jon Creffield

On the eve of the American Civil War, one Virginian family fights a battle of its own. Masters, servants, and slaves choose sides as a family — and a whole country, divides.

Heroes of the City by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

The archmage — an evil wizard who sought to rule the world — lies dead, slain by the heroes who thwarted his vile scheme. Now, that unlikely brotherhood of heroes must rule the dark city in his stead.

The Bunker by Ian “Lizard” Harac

In 1963, the survivors of a nuclear war emerge from their shelter in a small town and confront the challenges of rebuilding, or remaking, the world. The action begins a year after the bombs fell.

Grave New World by Cédric Ferrand

Banished European vampires disembark in New York in 1866 and discover the potential for a new beginning.

The Perfect Family by Mark Diaz Truman

Under the shadow of DNA apartheid, a genetically destitute collection of con artists lives under the cloud of their illegally purchased legitimacy.

ENDURE! by Mark Rein•Hagen

Contestants on a reality show become stranded on a desert island when a hurricane strikes. But when someone, or something, starts gruesomely picking them off one-by-one, things become more reality than television.

The Dagon Bar and Grille by John Kovalic

It’s life, laughs, and Lovecraft after-hours at the bar where the cultists unwind, and everybody knows your unspeakable name!

Series Pitches of the Month

No Crowns by Sean Patrick Fannon

Greed, passion, and power plays rule the day when the struggles of democracy and free market capitalism erupt in a high fantasy world of magic and steel.

Narcocorrido by Jesse Scoble

Narcotraficantes and the Border Patrol circle each other on the imaginary line that separates North and South, probing for weakness under the merciless sun. Assassins are made the heroes of pop ballad narcocorridos, and most fame and fortune ends with a buzzard circling a shallow grave.

Honor Among Thieves by John Wick

A crew of young thieves tries to survive in a City that wants to cut their throats.

Hold the Chain by Matthew McFarland

The combatants in the flying city of Taranis’ gladiatorial arena are friends, comrades, and even lovers — until the gates come down and the crowds start cheering.

Encore by Rob Wieland

A bus full of dreamers, has-beens, and never-will-bes tour the United States mounting a musical. The characters express their feelings through song, as they deal with hardships, tense relationships, petty rivalries, and economic uncertainty.

Iron Tsar by ASH LAW

Engineers battle zombies in the imperial court of an alternate-universe magical Russia.

It is 1920 and the motherland is besieged by the undead armies from the west. You are a ‘машинамастера’ — a machine wizard. Your engineering group must come up with archanotech devices to save Russia from the undead hordes , while maneuvering through an increasingly treacherous political landscape, keeping secrets from rival groups, avoiding and engaging in sabotage, and somehow getting the blessing of Rasputin to present your finished magical- machine of war to the imperial court.

Sheep’s Clothing by Jérôme Larré

An Internal Affairs bust looms over a safe bedroom community heavily populated by police officers and their families.

Art and Murder by Robin D. Laws

In a post-scarcity economy, there remain only two routes to status: art and murder. As guardians of the Great Museum, you struggle to protect the world’s cultural patrimony from outside marauders — and your own ambitions.

Niflgap by Raven Daegmorgan

As the universe dies, the fractious Norse gods set forth in starships from lonesome Midgaard. They sail the black tides of the cosmos, hoping to find salvation in the void where armies of the hungry dead writhe endless beneath black suns.

Do the gods live together on one spacecraft? A few vessels? Each their own?

Promised Land by Caias Ward

Squad comes before all as genetically engineered cadets take on the universe.

Terminal X by Hal Mangold

Most people just call it the Airport. But those in the know use its true name: Terminal X.

A fractious circle of modern sorcerers wage a subtle turf war within one of the world’s busiest airports. Even as the lead characters fend off occult forces threatening to erode the source of their power, they strive to conceal it from the workaday world. Now the Veil concealing this mystic place thins, granting a select few from outside the esoteric sphere glimpses of the place’s true nature.

Campus Desk by John Kovalic

Staff at the Daily Forward, the student newspaper of Wisconsin State University, figure out life, love, and burying the lede.

Third party

Gallows’ End by Matt Moran

On the far-off forest moon of Gallows’ End, enforcing Federal law is a damn sight harder than it is among the Central Planets. As a Star Marshal, you’ll have to decide whether to stand with the Law right or wrong, or roll with the punches and keep the locals on your side. Either way, weaving a safe path through the tapestry of local loyalties is a hard task for anyone, especially when they have a duty to more than their kin.

Decide what’s important to you and chart a course by it when you find yourself at Gallows’ End!

(From Morningstar Productions, available at RPGNow)

Lay of the Niaislings by Matt Moran

The Ainean Empire has stood for a thousand years. While the running dogs and the rabble say it will last a thousand more, you know the truth. Your empire is crumbling. Your empire is doomed. The enemy is at the gate — what will you do?

(From Morningstar Productions, available at RPGNow)

Shikagek by Matt Moran

In the far future, the Earth has turned its back on mankind and its machines. Whether huddled behind the crumbling Hurricane Shields or creeping across the Sand Wastes in rag-tag caravans, humanity must now contend with the rage of the elements as well as the crimes of their baser nature. The great city of Shikagek rises from the dunes, dominating the land around — will you shrivel in its shadow, or stride into the burning sun?

(From Morningstar Productions, available at RPGNow)

The Eagle Has Turned by Matt Moran

Fifteen minutes into the future, a desperate President institutes martial law in order to keep his post, using a potentially-spurious terrorist incident as his justification. Ten years later, the Wars on Terror and Drugs can justifiably be called the War on Liberty — but the American people are kicking back…

(From Morningstar Productions, available at RPGNow)


Alignment by Michael Duxbury

In a caste-based city state where all citizens have their moral alignment magically divined, an oppressed social underclass of “Evils” struggle to survive under the tyranny of the righteous.

(Available from Pelgrane’s DramaSystem Resources page)

Malign Universal Unlimited by Lowell Francis

Malign Universal Unlimited has served the needs of masterminds, villains, and conspiracies for decades. But its labyrinthine HQ conceals the company’s own plots and secret operations. When the leader of MUU dies, minions and staff face mysteries and a power vacuum. Now they must scramble for position, security, and power even as they fend off rival organizations, dissatisfied supervillains, and diehard investigators.

(A sample Series Pitch from Lowell’s blog Age of Raven)

The First Hundred by Jason Mical

One hundred scientists from all over the world embark on a one-way mission to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars. Their decisions about design, social struc- ture, and use of Martian resources pave the way for the development of Martian society and future waves of colonists seeking new opportunities on the red planet.

(A free Series Pitch inspired by Kim Stanley Robindon’s Mars Trilogy)

A War on Christmas by Lowell Francis

In the Empire of the Claus, Joy = Duty. The snow-dusted land of England shivers under the heavy yoke of the Kringle. But a small band of revolutionaries gather to strike back against the tyrannies of St. Nick and his red-booted thugs.

(A See Page-XX Series Pitch)

Bloodbag Command By Robin D. Laws

A nest of vampire operatives finds that its tangle of undying desires interferes with its mission to keep the modern world’s human spies from blowing the lid off the inhuman power structure.

(A See Page-XX Series Pitch)

Urban Punk by Bryant Durrell

Ten years after the Global Financial Crisis was not averted, all politics are local. All governments are local, for that matter: it takes too much energy and too much effort to worry about what’s happening fifty miles away. The clock is ticking, as the storehouses of resources dwindle away, but it’s hard to care much about that.

(Available on the author’s website)

Rogue Periscope by Geoff Skellams

The crew of a nuclear submarine try to stay alive in a hostile ocean, after a new civil war breaks out in the USA.

(Available on the author’s website)

Corrigan’s Fury by Geoff Skellams

A pitch set in the Dark Conspiracy universe.

After they are almost wiped out, a formerly successful empathic under- ground cell licks its wounds and tries to regroup, while figuring out who they can still trust.

(Published in Protodimension Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 18, Winter 2014)

Providence Summer by Morgan Davie

Suburban U.S.A. in the lazy sun-drenched summer of 1961. The endless war between boredom and common sense continues for mischievous kids and restless teens. As the days tick slowly by, they will be forced to confront their illusions about their world, their families, and themselves.

(Available on the author’s website)

RPG Geek DramaSystem Contest 2015

All the Series Pitches are available from the official RPG Geek Contest page.

Le Cirque des Rêves by Tom Pleasant

For years, Mr Corbin, a magician, ruled a supernatural Victorian circus and fun fair, Le Cirque des Rêves. He gave people who sought him out uncanny gifts and talents, but for a terrible price. Now he is dead; slain in a mystical duel with a rival and the circus folk must learn to live with freedom.

Once Upon a Time by Andrea Gaulke

In the Enchanted Kingdoms, happily ever after is only a wish away… or so they say. But no one talks about what you have to give up to get your wish… or what happens to those who don’t get their happily ever after.

Fairy tales are not just for children. As adults, many of us still find our hearts stopping when Red Riding Hood is devoured by the Big Bad Wolf, and we find ourselves cheering the Prince Phillip on as he slices his way through the thorn-covered vines to reach Sleeping Beauty’s tower. That’s because the tales change as we grow older: we see the Big Bad Wolf and the thorn-covered vines for what they are, and we find new reasons to sympathize with our heroes and heroines. The stories become darker and, sometimes, more relevant. As C.S. Lewis wrote, as we grow bigger, so, too, do stories. With this pitch, I invite you to breathe new life into those old stories: if you look between the lines of black text on white pages, you’ll find shades of grey that will surprise you.

Edenborn by Jason Hanks

It is 75 years after a devastating plague wiped out 99.9% of humanity. You are one of the few to have been cryogenically preserved to help restore the human race.

Ye Olde Nightlife, the Royal Stage by Craig Stilabower

Life is a stage, you are the actors of the greatest city on Earth. You make the dreams come true and the tears flow like rain. First, you have to get to the stage. Survive the Playwrights and the drama outside the Royal Stage to make it on to the stage.

Dark Protégé by Rae Zin

It was said that the legendary gemstone was forged under the light of the Last Eclipse, infused with blood of the Seven Sorcerers, and its power was beyond any. The sentient gemstone gave unimaginable power to its wielder. But with great power came greater cost, and one day suddenly, the gemstone was lost. Some said it was stolen, some said it was destroyed, and some said its power was no more.

Until only of recent, when a mysterious stranger came from the East, his ancestry and motives unknown, did whispers of the resurfacing of the gemstone arose.

The dark protégé had come.

The Malmö Controversy by Jean-Christophe Cubertafon

In recent years, bio-engineered anthropomorphic androids (a.k.a replicants) have become common. They are used as servants, workers, and even company. After several incidents and brutal retirements by police enforcement occurred, replicants’ sentience issues arose. An international conference is organized in Malmö, Sweden, to answer a single question: Do the replicants have a soul?

Strange Frequencies by Bill Templeton

A team of oddball experts travel the country investigating weird phenomena for a sketchy “reality” television show. Most of the time the things they hunt are just Hollywood smoke and mirrors, but the team knows the paranormal is very real… because they’re being haunted.

Last Days of the Library by Caroline Berg

Emperor Aurelian is preparing to burn the Library of Alexandria, but those who work there are making some preparations of their own.

Occupying Force by Brian St.Claire-King

American military forces have invaded Hell, deposed Satan and “liberated” the demons and damned souls of Hell. An occupying force of soldiers has been left behind to help bring democracy and capitalism to Hell and deal with the demonic insurgency.

The Troubles by Yan Périard

In the 70's in Northern Ireland, working class people struggle to keep their families united in face of discrimination from another culture. Protestants and catholics fight one another in spite of their closeness.

On the Smolensk Road by Phil Nicholls

Survival horror in Russia, 1812, as the remnants of 3rd Company, 9th Chasseur a Cheval retreat from Moscow.

Monster’s Brawl by Morgan Davie

Hulking, misunderstood monsters fight to make a living in a world that fears and desires them.

Grapes of Wharekaka by Eric Dodd

Grape growers and Wine makers have moved in to a sleepy agricultural village in a remote South Pacific country over the last 30 years. The original families of settler farmerstry to come to terms with the new viticulturalists and their demands for land and water. Tourists, life stylers and immigrant workers change the face of the village as the wine business takes off. Money, passion and tradition ignite battles between old and new.

Eagle’s Twilight by Charles Picard

For generations the wall Hadrian built protected the far edge of the world’s greatest Empire. And then one day Rome recalled her legions. You and yours have decided to stay.

Yesterday you were Romans.

What are you today?

Little Gods by Kezle

Mortal rulers form their own pantheon to keep up a public pretence of being divine while engaging in intrigue and battle from behind palace walls in an effort to survive and keep followers.

Game On by Wendy Gorman

The year is 1943. WWII is underway, and with it, many of the United States’ young, able-bodied men are overseas fighting in the war, and not playing baseball. Fearing the end of Major League Baseball, gum baron Phillip K. Wrigley launches an all-female baseball league in the American Midwest, hoping to keep baseball in the public eye. The All American Girls Professional Baseball League is born, and the fledgling teams figure out how to get their game on.

Moscow Metro Dogs by Ben “AgentMagicMaster” Francis and M. “Wild Weasal” Jovovich

Members of a pack of wild dogs on the streets of Moscow struggle to endure in an uncertain world where they are not the top predator. Survival will not be determined by strength but by learning to navigate the ever changing human world.

The Unchosen Ones by Heather Silsbee and Jon Cole

Members of a doomsday cult grapple with their faith and identities when the end of the world doesn’t live up to expectations.

Io Station IV by Andrew Hauge

Mecha pilots and their associates deal with bizarre cosmic invaders and their own personal issues at a space station just outside of Jupiter.

Between the Adeptive Engine by Luke Green

At first you thought it was just a game, now you’re stuck in a virtual labyrinth of online worlds trying to unravel the truth of it all.

Pixel Perfect by Sam Byford

The Flesh have been creating pixel art for decades now, thinking we are inanimate dots of light on the screen, that turn off as soon as the program is stopped or the power removed. Little do they know that life continues unabated while they sleep and dream. But life is not so simple for you, trapped inside the computer, beholden to the whims of The Flesh.

Avatar Redaction Convergence by Lowell Francis

When their friends seem to be “written out” of reality, a group of teens search for answers and find themselves caught in the other worldly machinations of the Hunger Station.


Perveniet Calix by Ryan Macklin

The Dukes of Edom, chief operatives of a deep conspiracy within MI6, are tasked with the impossible: harness a medieval vampire for the 21st Century’s shadow wars. Now rogue agents — and your fellow Dukes — are making the impossible even worse.

This DramaSystem pitch is based on the opposition force in the Dracula Dossier known as Edom. You can play this alongside a Dracula Dossier campaign or as an entirely separate storyline.

(This special Series Pitch is part of the Dracula Dossier Kickstarter campaign. For now, it is available for backers.)

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