I really like you guys’ casting and consider you guys top tier for Korean related casts and equal to the top tier of Riot’s casters for non-Korean content (Jatt, Kobe, Deficio for colour.) I especially consider Doa to be hands down the best PBP for all content.

That said, what you wrote leaves me with some thoughts that are a little uncomfortable to express but I think it’d be better if they were out in the open:

  • Riot, unlike other companies has a team of in-house casters. Don’t you feel like this puts them in a different position than other companies/games with regards to negotiations?
  • To add to the above, surely the negotiator on the other side of the table has a sort of… fiduciary duty to Riot to get them the best price possible?
  • Is it fair to say that even if you guys were invited to MSI, the Riot internal casting team would also shoulder at least half of the “work” (which is maybe not the case for “freelancers” in other games?)

Once again — I write the above with only respect for the quality of work you three put out. I greatly enjoy OGN and I like the higher level at which you guys tend to run the OGN stream at (as opposed to the more beginner friendly LCS style). It is actually for these reasons that I wonder about what your responses would be to these potential counterpoints.

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