fitbit and Apple Health

Dear fitbit CEO and the director of design,

It is time for fitbit to be on Apple Health. It was time when Health came out.

At this point, the battle is over (was it ever a battle or your hubris?) Fitbit needs to meet customer needs now.

We could use our our fitbit data on Apple Health so we can combine it with all the data we collect with devices and manually. The invisible gamble you have in mind simply cannot overcome something that exists now and, most importantly, works with hundreds of other devices. Devices that play nice on iOS and Health. Deivces that your customers use and many of which compete with fitbit directly.

Fitbit is simply too young and does not have the capabilities to force so many device makers and apps away from Apple Health into its own system. It is not that you are not good at what you do, it is the system that others do participate in that is unassailable. Like it or not. Fitbit can sulk and plot over on the edge of the playing field or, it can engage and participate and make money.

Ftbit customers who use Apple Health will not wait long for the inevitable nadir of a what is an insanely poor business decision. Then, we are gone. Forever.

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