EXCLUSIVE: Why Apple Is Still Sweating the Details on iMac
Steven Levy

I find the sharp edged mouse and other hands on items on the Mac now too uncomfortable. While the Mighty Mouse had small ball roller issues (supposedly, I still think it was/is a software bug) it was a way better form factor for comfort.
This little redesign still seems to keep the sharp edges all around, let alone on the mouse. The one place human flesh touches.
Also, this new mouse seems to recharge on the bottom. However, Apple missed a fantastic opportunity. When your mouse battery dies, but you STILL want to work, it sucks. They should have put the Lightning plug on the tail, so to speak, end of the mouse (head is toward you in traditional mouse). Then, if the battery was low, it would, essentially become a WIRED MOUSE while charging!
It is so obvious. Sad they missed that innovation…
So I use an older, ergonomic Apple keyboard (I think from a PPC?) with softer touch keys and a wired Mighty Mouse. I have one spare wired Mighty Mouse left. My full size chicklet keyboard and first version of the touch surface mouse sit unused in closet. I even use an old original iMac keyboard with an old Mac Mini despite having two wireless chicklet keyboards.
Apple is totally missing the desire and need for non battery, ergonomic keyboards and mice. But cool looking. And not sharp edged.
For people who think Apple is a mouse design genius, just remember the nearly impossible to use Round Mouse. A total nightmare.
They need to stop messing around for design aesthetics sake and focus more back on the HUMAN factor.

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