After three amazing years at Motive Partners, I have decided to step back into seed-stage investing again and will be joining Dynamo Ventures as a Partner. I will be continuing to serve as an advisor to Motive Partners.

Having invested in some amazing entrepreneurs over the years that include Apiary, Hassle,, Flitto (that recently IPO’ed in Korea), Sendbird and Chainalysis, it is clear that my heart is working with entrepreneurs at the earliest stages.

Dynamo Ventures is a US-EU based seed fund focused on B2B startups in supply chain and mobility and was set-up by Ted Alling and Barry…

There has been much talk over the last few years about the involvement of startups and startup methodology to help drive corporate innovation with varying degrees of success. This has been something, Motive Labs has been working hard to build and refine alongside our international Membership of financial institutions.

Since launching Motive Labs just over 12 months ago, we expect to spin-out our first startup with paying customers and have introduced over 50 startups from across the spectrum to our Members with over 50% in active discussions about pilots.

During this period we have been approached by many different financial…

As many of you are aware I joined Motive Partners just over 12 months ago. In the interim, I have been working with a number of incredibly talented individuals to build Motive Labs to drive innovation across Financial Services for both FinTechs and incumbents alike.

Having helped to set up the Barclays Accelerator while at Techstars and numerous other corporate programmes, I am acutely aware of the issues that many legacy businesses are faced with, but equally, I understand the challenges that startups are faced with when selling to them.

While AI and Blockchain are grabbing all the headlines, I…

My 1000km Run

It started with a Facebook post.

Thanks to Gerald Brady, and my twisted sense of competitiveness, I have been locked into a weekly routine of trying to run 20km each week to reach a 1000km run during 2017.

Having initially been taken back by the quantum of the distance, I started to break it down into a weekly schedule and whether that would even be possible. To cover a 1000km in a year, that would equate to 20km each week over 50 weeks, and to cover 20km in a week I would probably equate to 3 runs…

Be careful what you say on stage.

In September 2015, I had a (total) meltdown on stage at the Icons Festival in Belfast, having a general rant about the lack of intellectual honesty between startups. It is okay to congratulate each other about taking the entrepreneurial leap, but it is equally as important that they are honest with each other.

But the problem is worse where ecosystems are less mature and too much government love and encouragement makes it more difficult to tell an entrepreneur that their idea is terrible and they should move onto their next thing. There is…

When I stood down from Techstars London, just over 18 months ago, I set myself the ambition to work with the smartest people I knew. I can honestly say that I have totally surpassed that ambition with bells on.

I have the absolute pleasure to be joining Motive Partners, a next generation financial technology investment firm focused exclusively on technology enabled companies that power the financial services industry and will be based in both New York and London to meet this opportunity head on.

Motive Partners has been founded by an amazing group of FinTech rockstars, including Rob Heyvaert, Mike…

When are earphones not earphones? When they are wearables. That was the conclusion I came to after the first 48 hours of wearing my new Apple Airpods.

Immediately prior to Christmas I had planned on writing a blog post about my luxury purchase of the year - new Bose QC35 bluetooth headphones. In the words of Stella Artois "reassuring expensive" - recommending them to friends multiple times over the last six months. Little did I know they would be edged out by Apple’s new Airpods in the last few weeks of the year. …

This is a follow-up to “My Big Dubai Adventure” – an introduction to the Dubai Future Accelerators that I am an executive advisor to.

The results from the first Dubai Future Accelerators (“DFA”) program are in and they are nothing short of amazing for a program that started less than 6 months earlier.

Of the 30 participating companies, 19 companies received total commitments in excess of $14m for paid pilots/trials. Almost two thirds of companies received an average paid MOU of $750k, with ZERO equity give away, and flights and accommodation paid for.

I won’t pretend that it wasn’t bumpy…

Forgive me for my self indulgent blog post – more a summary of what I have been up to for the last 12 months and a glimpse into my plans for 2017.

I had never honestly expected it to take 12 months to recover from running 10 accelerator programmes consecutively (Difference Engine, Springboard and Techstars London). When I stepped down from Techstars London, I was totally strung out and exhausted. It wasn’t that I needed a couple of weeks away but I was emotionally fatigued.

What many people fail to realise is just how mentally exhausting working with entrepreneurs is…

Earlier today, Accelerated Digital Ventures (“ADV”), launched with £150m to invest in innovative digital technology businesses in the UK from entry to exit. For technical reasons, ADV isn’t a fund (see below) but to all intents and purposes it’s an investment platform with value added services at it’s core. Disclosure: I am a formal advisor to ADV.

Elsewhere, others will describe the scope and ambitions of ADV but what will get lost in the announcements is the source (and critical importance) of the private investors behind ADV, what their involvement means for the companies in which ADV will invest; and…

Jon Bradford

Partner at Dynamo Ventures. Previously Founding Partner of Motive Partners, MD at TechStars London, co-founder of F6S and

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