How to Set up Apache in macOS Sierra 10.12
John Foderaro

Hi John, this guide is brilliantly written, great job, thanks.

Unfortunately, I am getting a 403 forbidden message when trying to access my localhost. I have been back over all of the instructions and I definitely didn’t miss anything.

Only thing that was marginally unexpected during the process was that the first 2 modules that you told us to enable in step 3.2 were already enabled for me.

I overwrote my changes with the backups we took (thanks for including that in your instructions!!) and deleted my joshd.conf (username.conf) file and started from scratch. Unfortunately I got exactly the same results.

Because it is a permissions error, I ran ls -l on the users folder and it came back with rww which I figure is correct.

I didn’t do any of the optional bits.

I’ve reset everything again now. Any suggestions?

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