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When I read all the “debating” comments regarding the consequence of human activity on environmental health, I am reminded of the argument by two individuals over whether the gun is loaded or not. The obvious solution would be to allow the individual that insists the gun is unloaded to point it to the head and pull the trigger. If the gun was loaded, the IQ of the world will increase a little, but the problem of the gun will still exist. There will always be another idiot to start a fight.

Sadly, the same solution can’t be used when it comes to the earth’s welfare. You see, those that should be allowed to “pull the trigger” won’t just be killing themselves by their ignorance and lack of common sense. They will be taking everyone with them. There are 7.5 billion people on this earth and to ignore what they are doing to it is incredibly moronic. To think that there are individuals who would deny that there is a problem because of profit or political control is simply criminal!

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