Self-esteem is the confidence for one’s ability. I have a low self-esteem everyone has their own abilities but not all of us have the confidence to show one’s abilities.That’s how i feel when i have a chance to show my abilities but not have the confidence to do them because im afraid of the aftermath and afraid of people’s judgments thats why i tend to not show my abilities towards public.

For my opinion having a low self-esteem isn’t a disadvantage because all you need to have a high self-esteem is confidence! Im not saying that having a high self-esteem is better than having a low self-esteem we can easily change our self-esteem it justs need time and work :-)

I have a low self-esteem but that doesn’t change the way I am because I never give up I just keep trying until I succeed im proud of the way i am :-)

Its never too late to change you just have to believe and have faith in yourself.It may look impossible but its not :-)

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