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“It will give them the opportunity, according to the Washington Post, to “meet with the president frequently” and offer their expertise. This process is notably different than the strategy Obama employed to integrate Silicon Valley’s smarts into the government.”

Umm — Google enjoyed a revolving door to the Obama White House. This is “notably different” how?

I didn’t vote for Trump. And the first few days after the election I was a bit freaked out. But the reaction of hysterical liberals to recent events (that seem entirely positive for the country….the president meeting with influencers, etc.) are starting to make me wish I had voted for him. The Ringer’s “undesirables” list is getting mighty long. Pretty soon it’s just gonna be Keith Olberman and Joy Behar on the Liberals in Good Standing Registery.

Here’s a thought — what if the Trump presidency ends up being OK, or even (gasp!) good for America? Seems to me the repugnant rhetoric has faded away, and the guy actually seems to be DOING THINGS. We might just live through this after all. (But if The Ringer keeps focusing on left wing politics, it may not)

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