Root Beer Review: Bedford’s

As I reached for my bottle opener and brought it up to the 1970's burnt orange cap, I immediately knew this root beer was different. With a quick pop of the top, a wisp of the carbonated spray set my senses off (my happy place). Looking at the bottle, I am emotionally transported to Bad Oberdorf, a small Bavarian town nestled in the German Alps — much to my surprise, this was an American Root Beer — full rich body, woodsy flavored, made in Port Angeles, Washington (the state, not the capital).

My anticipation grew as I heard the glurg glurg of the root beer as it flowed into my frosted glass. The foam reached the rim and root beer was slowly revealed. I paused to admire the look, and then went in for a taste. Smooth and pleasing, caramel’ish flavored, with a slight fresh flavor. Bedford’s Root Beer is not to sweet for a pure cane brew, with a very pleasing after taste.

Made in Port Angeles and bottled in Mukilteo, Washington — Bedford’s Root Beer is everything a medium root beer should be. I emptied the glass and wrote this post to make sure there was nothing between my taste buds and this review.

Bedford’s Root Beer earns a 7 on the 10 point medium-rich Root Bear scale.

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