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A Cover Letter

To the Compound Interest Fans,

You Need A Budget reminds me of my father (uh oh, this sounds rough) who taught me that early is on time (deadlines, man).

He is also ferocious when it comes to personal finance, and to put it mildly, his skills did not rub off on me (Sorry, Dad. You tried ❤️). Thankfully though there are people like you who are building tools to guide people like me out of their youthful, rebellious behavior. I’d like to help you, well… help people like me (see, it’s optimistic after all).

I grew up in Silicon Valley, where I was far more interested in how businesses communicate their value than to books with ridiculous titles like, “Introduction to Geometry.” From a young age I believed the real work ought to be creating tools to minimize the need to understand such concepts in order to be a successful member of society (Mr. Danish, who has far lesser odds of reading this than my father, didn’t agree).

I got my first big break writing what was effectively an unpublished blog post. While working as a Mac Genius by day and a writer for Engadget at night, I wrote a convincing explanation of the strategic value of Palm devices running Windows Mobile (yeah, I know, sore subjects). That piece got me a gig helping Microsoft develop its first attempt at growing beyond their #CH9 brand (another ancient reference) to reach early adopters and enthusiasts. I authored many a blog post, script, and interview (and my first tweet back in July of ‘06 #ogtwttr).

Since then I have spent time in engineer roles where my writing has been a combination of somewhat sterile feature specifications (restrainted emoji deployment) and strategic market analysis (ask me about OTT services and John Malone, but buckle up. I get… animated).

I am constantly pushing for new ideas and territory for human tools. I can make the action clear (Stand up right now!) while being referentially funny (“For your health!”).

I believe one of the promises of technology is to enable human beings to add value to organizations from anywhere and any time. Your appreciation for this geographic agnosticism and the results-oriented work environment that demands is in line with my beliefs (we’ll get along just fine).

Be Seeing You,

JD Lewin (INTJ |

PS — I’m not the a finance junkie, but I am certain Jesse and I have at least one thing in common (Google it, kaikuaʻana).