Why I Want Apple to Invest in VR

How does the design change when the experience is immersive?

Immersive Single Tasking: Virtual Reality and the Coming Age of Hyper-Productive Work By Cal Newport at Study Hacks

My first thought when I read Newport’s headline went in a totally different direction. He envisions simulating the physical environments where people do their work. The desk, the studio, the monastery.

My first thought was entirely about the software. While there have been some demos of painting and communicating, what I haven’t seen is the immersive implementation of a specific, existing tool. What’s the experience for someone doing 3D animation? Or developing a complex piece of software? Or even something as simple as writing?

How do you treat buttons, menus, and views? What sort of constraints simply evaporate? What does the design brief look like when your interfaces can virtually occupy the user’s entire environment?