The Ultimate Secret to Make the Universe Give You All You Want

Have you ever experienced praying day and night for something you really want but it seems like no one is listening to you? Have you tried being in a situation that it seems like the Universe is so cruel, giving you the hardest trial that makes you almost give up?

Giving up is not an option

If yes, no it’s not the Universe! It’s you! You are the one who created everything that you’ve experienced. The universe is just responding to you. You’ve asked for it in your own unconscious ways. In fact, we can make the universe give us all we want by simply asking in a way that it recognizes.

In this generation, human beings are really having a lot of troubles in dealing with life, universe, and this so called “reality.” Problems of any kind are arising every now and then. Poverty and mediocrity became part of the system, where people in all cultures learned to embrace, and it seems like nothing is really wrong.

The worst, since we are already used to live with it, we thought it’s natural, we never tried to find what else out there we can do, and we believed that everything is God’s will. And so, we prayed for God’s help, hoping for an answer.

One of the biggest failures of humanity since the beginning of time is to embrace ignorance instead of knowledge. Yes, we are all ignorant human beings no matter how high is our educational attainment. What I mean is our ignorance of our true nature as a person.

We missed to explore the biggest and most important part of our existence, which is our spirituality, where only our mind can reach, never our physical senses. Since we all lived in flesh and physicality, we become victims of our mindless senses and yet we believed that what we have seen on the outside is all that matters in life.

We all messed up!

Knowledge! That’s all we need, because all the problems that we encountered are just the “fruits” of our ignorance. It is the ignorance about the truth that as human beings, we are far greater than who we are according to how we know ourselves. Ignorance about the truth that the universe is just responding to whatever we’ve asked unknowingly as our life unfolds.

The Law of Attraction (as you might have heard it), states that “we, human beings are like magnets, we attract events and circumstances in our lives according to our dominant thought” or“like attracts like” as they say.

If we fill our mind with negativity, we will experience more of it and life becomes so difficult. If we focus our mind on positive ideas and we pay attention only on the good things that happen in our lives, we will experience wonderful and amazing life.

The Law of Attraction is one of the Universal Laws that many of us have violated. It is the reason why many are suffering as they unknowingly attract problems instead of reasons to become happy. Happiness or sorrow, it’s us who made the choice.

The problem with this is that the teaching about the Law of Attraction is incomplete. It only tells human potentials in the level of thought. There is a “missing link,” that which if known, could turn humans into becoming in full control of their own lives.

So, here are the complete steps to apply the law of attraction in your life and make the universe give you all you want:

1. Know exactly what you want

If you want something, know exactly what it is. Be specific in colors, numbers, location, personalities, and anything that pertains to that desire. If you wan’t to become rich, know the exact amount of money that you want to have. Don’t just say “I want to become rich” but “I want $10,000,000 on my bank.” At this level, specificity is a key.

2. Turn that want into a burning desire

If you are so serious with what you want that which you can’t live without having it, it turns into a desire. Wants are just narrow identification of what you may desire. It’s just an idea in the mind, while desire is an emotionalized wants with an intention of getting it.

A burning desire brings the idea of demanding the universe that you really want that “something” to happen. If there is no demand or intense burning desire, it may not work. The universe might just say “ hmmm, how bad you need it dude? Let me feel that you’re so serious about it.”

3. Create a mental scenery of yourself already achieved it

As human beings, one of the gifts given by God that we failed to explore due to ignorance is our ability to see things that are not physically real — imagination.

Yes, imagination is our greatest power to create whatever we want in our lives. It’s a gift to humanity as co-creators of God in this universe. It’s a way to access the world of spirits where everything in this world has emanated.

So, to make the universe give you all you want, go to your spiritual world. Create in there everything that you want and feel in your physical body the feeling of being already in that condition of life.

And you can only do it by creating a clear imagery or scenery of yourself being already achieved what you want through imagination. Albert Einstein once said “imagination is better than knowledge.”

In your imagination, see your desire vividly as often as you can as if you are doing things that you may do if you’re already there. See yourself driving a luxurious car (be specific in color, model and everything that describes that car). See yourself cheking in in a luxurious hotel when you are in a long vacation in one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz called it as “Mental Movie” in his book Psycho-Cybernetics, in which you act as the actor of those wonderful things that are happening in that movie. But that’s just a trick to be able to move into the next step, which is the real magic or source of human power.

4. Feel the feeling as if it already happened

To bring those imagined reality into manifestation, in your daily lives, having pre-occupied with those wonderful things and scenery in your mind, you must feel the feeling as if it’s already yours, not just in imagination but in reality. And that is called assumption or assuming the feeling of your wish already fulfilled.

The idea behind the Power of Assumption was taught by Neville Goddard in his book The Power of Awareness and was polularized by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book Wishes Fulfilled, which both mentioned the importance of pretenting to be someone you want to initiate change in you.

Assuming to become someone is no different from practicing a certain skill. If you mastered it, changed has happened in you. If you want to become rich, practice and live like a rich and stop living like a poor and change your whole belief about yourself that you are now rich from the idea that you are poor even if you are broke.

Just pretend to be that person that you want and things will change slowly. Pretending is changing your path spiritualy not physically. It’s just a matter of consciously changing your belief, awareness and consciousness in general, fueled by the idea in your imagination and the feeling that it creates.

Assumption is really an spiritual thing. It might be a kind of weird thing to do as if we’re trying to fool ourselves. Yes, it might be fooling something but not our true self. It is fooling our false and ignorant self that’s currently controlling our minds identfied by the limitations known to him.

To fuel this feeling of “as if it’s already yours,” be grateful for having it even if it’s not yet happening. Just be grateful, knowing that it’s already yours. That is also called unwavering faith and that is what the universe wants from you.

The universe wants you to have it first in your heart because whatever is in your heart, that’s what you are asking beyond thoughts and words. So, just feel it and be grateful for it. Remember that gratitude is everything…

5. Take massive action

Taking massive action does not mean killing yourself daily just to achieve whatever you want. You don’t have to suffer. It’s just a matter of being in action in this journey called life. You must enjoy what you do knowing that you’re getting closer to your desire and it’s also is getting closer to you as long as you are doing something. Just be in action and create experiences.

That’s what our soul wants, to accomplish something and to overcome challenges even in small ways. Having a desire and doing something to achieve it is enagiging ourself into creating an experience being alive and that is the reason why we are here. Doing nothing and be comfortable is against the rules.

If you’re doing what your soul wants, the Universe will look at you and say, “hmnnn… this dude is doing what I like,” let him do more so that he can be very happy if he achieve it.”

So just don’t stop…

Fueled by the energy of gratitude and that feeling of “as if it’s already yours” you will be moving in a positive vibration in adirection of which your desire has also been headed to. And there is no way that you won’t meet.

Imagine two vehicles running in a long road from opposite direction, sooner or later they’ll meet at one point. So, just keep doing what you know you are capable of. Try to learn new things, develop new skills and accomplish small task within your capability.

After all, what you know is irrelevant. What makes you achieve your desire are the opportunities, events and circumstances that will come to you given by the Universe in response to what’s inside your heart.

In those opportunities, you will create wonderful experiences through your actions, and through those experiences things are created or manifested.

Finally, your desire, that once was just an idea in your mind, now becomes part of your physical reality for you to experience.