Day 2: Living by Inspiration

A 21-Day Writing Challenge

“Inspiration comes in different forms”

You should know that thinking of a good and creative topic was hard for me to do today because my day started really slow because I woke up a little late compared to my usual time.

To start off my day, I jumped on my bike and started to do my usual morning route, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do better compared to yesterday’s ride because my body was just physically tired because I slept really late last night.

As I pushed slowly riding on the hilly area of the route I was surprised that I wanted to do a better climb until I realized that I’m already doing better compared to yesterday, when I got back home I checked my Stava and learned that I did a longer and faster ride.

“So what does Inspiration have to do with this?”

Well, turning my life around to do things like this was very difficult, different inspirations drove me to what I am doing right now. One major inspiration for me as of the moment is Casey Neistat, a Film Maker who does daily vlogs on youtube.

Casey Neistat’s Logo

I discovered Casey because I was looking on ways on how to properly Vlog, months ago I just wanted to document my Adventures and share them to people, out of desperation I typed “How to vlog” on youtube and one of the first things that came out was his video on this topic.

To be frank, I found this video boring and I didn’t even finish it but then after several browsing minutes later (Thanks to youtube’s algorithm) Casey’s videos just kept popping out of my suggestion feed and so I tried watching his daily vlogs and I got hooked up on them.

I discovered later that he’s into making Adventure videos such as Make it Count, The Vietnam Notebook, and What would you do with $25,000.

DO WHAT YOU CAN’T, A movie by Casey Neistat

When Casey made the movie “Do what you Can’t” I was really inspired to make a difference and it simply became my battle cry in everything I did since then. I actually downloaded it illegally (Sorry, Casey) and have it played on loop on a computer on my work desk.

So going back to my Morning Bike Ride, I just kept telling myself “Do what you can’t, J.D.” and it really made a difference.

You see, Inspiration comes in different forms you just have to take a minute and appreciate different things to realize that they’re inspirations. Who knew that watching a video where I got bored became a major inspiration in my life?

Another source of Inspiration for me is reading those daily articles emailed to me by Medium. It’s actually one of the main reasons why I started this 21-day writing challenge.

Reading these digests are actually part of my morning routine because it always gives me a breath of fresh air on how I am going to tackle my day.

Breath. Appreciate. Get Inspired.

To know why I’m on this challenge please visit my first entry here: