Day 4: Getting Back on Track

A 21-Day Writing Challenge

May 3, 2015 
In the eve of the Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather bout my life took its biggest dip.

No, I didn’t bet my life savings on Manny Pacquio because he’s a fellow Filipino and I didn’t even have that much in my bank account.

The bout will start at around 10am in Philippine Time (+8GMT) and I decided to train alone for a triathlon. okay, some context first, I have to give a little bit of my background for this article.

December 2014
Like your typical College Student, I was one for the party and I partied like never before. I was single, I had my parent’s money, and I have a lot of friends that would love to drink every single day. The best part I was on the top of my career as a college student, I was winning National awards for my school, I was topping my batch, and I was in the top 10 in my Marketing Research in all of the 3 categories. It was a good time in my life.

Winning a National Championship from the Association of Marketing Educators

Towards the end of year I reconnected with a childhood friend and to cut it short we became a couple and I was literally on one of the highest point of my life, Everything was great! To top it all off I was also given a chance to travel to one of the most expensive cities in the world all expense paid, Dubai. (I was able to stay in Atlantis, Have dinner in the Burj Al-Arab, and I was also able to spend New Year’s Day partying in a Hotel.)

Staying in the 2 Best and Expensive Hotels in Dubai

January 2015
Coming back from a great year ender I decided to quit smoking the minute I arrive Manila and leave that vice in Dubai, I started running and swimming again with good results and after a couple of weeks later a friend invited me to train for a triathlon which is why I bought myself a bike and also did my best to train every day. I was shedding weight fast and had everything to gain.

Triathlon Bike Training
I was on high, until something hit me… Literally

Fast forward to a couple of months later after shedding a lot of weight and becoming more confident in myself (Compare my pictures above and below), I decided to train alone on a Sunday Morning, I told myself it will be a fast ride so I can go back home to watch the Manny Pacquio bout because everybody was talking about it in the Philippines. On the way home, A jeep side swept me and destroyed my knee.

My Knee cap went on the back of my leg, raptured all the ligaments in my knee but I still try to smile.
I always tried to smile, I was always positive until my doctor told me I couldn’t run again for another year or two.

That trip from my doctor was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life, I was not able to do the things that I love and the worst part everything was failing. I had to stop studying for almost a year and at the same time I wasn’t able to climb mountains. I started developing depression.

Getting back on Track

I decided to tackle this topic today because yesterday was like a dip from my turn around, I wasn’t able to exercise and I woke up pretty late in the afternoon but today I woke up early and rode my bike as usual and surprisingly did better minutes and longer kilometers.

I have to pull out something deep in my past just to convey a message that getting back on track is hard but not impossible, yesterday might be a dip for me but waking up today I did my best to brush it off and start again and I know you can do something like it too!

It will start with you

You know what? Developing the dip in my life was hard and to pull myself up from the hole was harder but when people ask me how I climb mountains of trouble I always tell them…

“I’m a Mountaineer”
Mt. Bukhansan, The Highest Mountain in Seoul, South Korea.

I’m not telling you to just pull yourself out of that dip or even depression but I am telling you that you can do it especially with the help of friends and family. I hurt a lot of people in the process and some of them stayed behind me just to keep to keep me sane and I am forever grateful for them. When I got back on my feet (Literally and Figuratively) I decided to give my first love a shot again, Mountaineering.

November 2016
Although not that high, it was already a feat for me since it was the first time I climbed a mountain after a year of lying down in bed. During our university’s semestral break I decided to go to South Korea and climb their highest summit alone and it made me realize I can still take control of my life no matter how hard it is, I just have strategize my next moves and also just do them.

To pay everything forward, I am writing this article to tell you that you can make anything possible even if it seems impossible, strive and hustle, don’t settle in comfort, and Do what you can’t.

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