Day 6: Hunger

A 21-Day Writing Challenge

“10 years ago after climbing Mt. Apo (The Highest Mountain in the Philippines), me and my friends found this restaurant by the foot of the mountain and they were selling pasta and it was the tastiest pasta I ever ate in my life! When I went back to Davao a year ago I went to the same restaurant and ordered the same pasta I had before and the first bite was just horrible! it was probably because of the hunger that made it perfect.”
 -My Father

I became a mountaineer because my father inspired me to be one, it was always an adventure with him may it be a lovely stroll in the park or on a long drive to the middle of nowhere, we always had something to do and something to discover together.

When I told him I was joining the Mountaineering Society in the university he told me not to lose the hunger for adventure because when there are so many opportunities on knocking on your doorstep you just might not open it because you’ll be tired of seeing them. True enough after my first stint as an officer of the organization I got burnt out from going out and sometimes I just wanted to stay at home and have a drink with my friends. I was probably full of adventure that exploring the great indoors was what I needed.

Like my Father’s Pasta, even though how horrible it was, hunger made it beautiful and amazing, without hunger he was not able to appreciate its taste.

Never settle with being full of what you have, always be hungry for more.


While my Father tells me to hunger for more, my mom would tell me just to stop and appreciate what I have, be contented, always telling me to compare myself with other people who have less.

You might agree with my mother’s logic but I’m still telling you to hunger for more, hunger isn’t just a one way street. Sure, be contented with what you already have but why don’t you hunger more for other people by helping them.


I always have this hunger to succeed in life but I think I’m already successful in my own little way, so instead of being greedy on succeeding I try my best to share my knowledge in success even in the smallest way.

I’ve been working with a Foundation who works with the less fortunate sectors of our society and according to their study, the poor might be literally hunger but they aren’t hungry figuratively. They would just settle for what they have and if they would set a goal it would be really low which is why they don’t really get out of the ditch.

Having a few drink with them taught me that the reason most of them do not dream big is because they can’t find an opportunity to do so, they are always discouraged, or when opportunity is on their doorstep they don’t even know it is one.

So our purpose, the people who are already successful in our own little way, is to hunger for us and for them.

When you are full in life, share what you have so you and others may have the hunger to be better.

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