Day 7: The Wolf

A 21-Day Writing Challenge

There once was a wolf who led his pack
Two Dozen Strong and Intact
He led the way through rain or shine
Without leaving any wolf behind
No Partner, No lover, No significant other
For his pack, was his life.
He was happy, He was loved, and he was fulfilled inside
But he knew he wasn’t truly happy in life.

There came a day when food was tight
Scarcity was on their side
The wolf decided to look for food
and leave his pack in search for goods
He went alone into the wild
So the pack can rest and recover a while
Returning home was his goal
Because he is the leader after all.

He ran and strode along the road 
but there was no food he can find at all
He found a river on his way, He thought of going for a break
He looked at the water while he drank 
Reflected on ways he could run back

A thought came in and it said this;
“You are weary, you are tired, you should go back, 
your pack will understand even if you have no food to bring back”

Morning came and he found his way but his pack has something to say;
“You took so long to bring us food and we found another brute, go back from where you came because we don’t need you in any way”

So the wolf turned back and strode away 
while his tears were running down his face
He howled and cried but no one cared
Because his family doesn’t need him there

He found the river where he drank
and another thought popped out like a thinking cap
“I should be thankful now that I’m alone because I live my life for my own. No more wolves to please nor bitches to ease in a society they broke on their own”

A lone wolf I am and A lone wolf I’ve become because they appreciated nothing I have done.

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