Day 8: Jealousy and how to overcome it

A 21-Day Writing Challenge

I’ve always struggled with jealousy, I grew up always envying people and being insecure with myself, I don’t know why I grew up like this. I hate it, it’s destroying myself and my relationship with other people.

When I’m trying to tackle a problem with myself I always sit down and ask myself the question “What is the root cause of the problem?” and with being insecure and jealous I would probably have to say it’s because of my mom.

She would always compare me with other kids when I was young on how good looking they were and I’m not, How smart other kids were and I’m not, and also how good other kids are playing basketball and I’m not. The worst part is she never created an action plan for me to be better nor supported me in my endeavors.

When I joined my school’s Basketball team in the 6th grade she never opted to watch my games nor support me with programs that could help me become a better player. It was rubbish, It’s annoying. When I reached High school I started playing an online game to distract me from everything in this world and then I started being good with the game to the point that I was one of the top players in the country at only 15 years old. Finally something I could be proud of, an achievement for me, and something I’m happy doing. Guess what? She kicked me out of the house.

I’m tired of being jealous but I just can’t stop myself, I want to become a better person but every time I start doing something, A week or two later an instance, a person, or something would just kick my from behind and would laugh to see my fail.

But I say get up no matter what happens, fix your eyes on your goal. No matter how many times you fall down, until your heart is still beating, you will always be able to reach your goal. JUST FIGHT.

Fix your eyes on your goal and only compete with yourself

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