Auteur vs Mise-En-Metteur

What is the auteur? Auteur theory holds that the directors hold direct creative influence and control on their films, which is marked by that directors “style”. For example, Wes Anderson’s long single cut shots that once you see it, you know that it’s a Wes Anderson Film. Now, this “signature” look of auteur director’s films is what embodies the concept of mise-en-metteur or mies-en-scene; the total aesthetic components portrayed on each scene of a film. Take Quintin Tarrentino, he is infamous for exaggerated scenes of violence in his films. These scenes usually consist of massive amounts of gore, weapons, gangsters, and all other vices associated with violence. Moreover, the mise-en-scene of a director consistently portrayed film after film eventually defines the stylistic image of a director, which defines an auteur.


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