Everything Looks Weird When You’re New

Jordan Scales
May 2, 2018 · 6 min read
that’s a terrible idea, jdan, who would ever want to read that?

A Little Map in a Big Codebase

this purple dot over new york city ruined my life and you won’t believe why
const tooltipOffset = 0.03;// ...<LocationPopup      
updateLocation={(lat: number, lng: number) => {
tooltip.setLngLat([lng + tooltipOffset, lat]);
map.setCenter([lng, lat]);

Code is the Easy Part

Head Starts

I’m sure this fence is here for a very good reason, jdan

Jordan Scales

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JavaScript clickbait enthusiast. Giving you superpowers @Stripe. Door-to-door accessibility salesman. http://shade.cool.

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