10 Steps To Make Money With Bitcoin Using Bitconnect

In this post I will take you through my 10 step process to making money with Bitcoin as well as how you can make 1% interest every day, and in some cases, up to 40% interest per month on your cryptocurrency investment.

By now I’m sure you heard of Bitcoin, which is why you’re reading this post. As you know, Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to make purchases or traded like a stock.

Bitcoin is used to make safe and secure transactions instantly anywhere in the world. It is not regulated, controlled, insured by any bank, government or Federal Reserve.

It is an open network that is managed by its users and investors. By using this system you will be able to make safe 1% daily gains on your money without doing the trading or monitoring the price of Bitcoin.

In fact, the more volatile the market is, the percent payout can be higher than 1%.

This post will walk you through the entire process step-by-step with nothing left out and teach you how you can make money with Bitcoin with as little as a $100 investment to start.

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Lets get started.

10 Steps To Making Money With Bitcoin

Below are the 10 simple steps to help you make money with bitcoin and earn 1% on your money every single day:

You’ll Need 2 Accounts To Get Started

You will need a Coinbase account and a Bitconnect account.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange where you will need to buy your bitcoin.

The Bitconnect platform is where you will lend your money to earn your daily interest payments.

If you sign up for the two websites using the links above, you’ll earn yourself $10 in free Bitcoin when your account is funded ($100 or more).

1. Creating Your Coinbase Account

The first step is to create a Coinbase account.

This will be the exchange you use to purchase your bitcoin and then deposit that money which will be the form of bitcoin into your Bitconnect account.

Again, you will earn $10 free in bitcoin once you make an investment of $100 or more. Please allow 5–10 minutes for Coinbase to send this free bonus to you.

To invest in Bitconnect the minimum amount is $100.

A best practice would be to buy about $120 worth of Bitcoin due to the transaction fees of the currency and each cryptocurrency exchange has a different price for bitcoin at any given time.

This means that if Bitcoin is worth $3,700 on Coinbase it may be trading on Bitconnect for $3,680 (just something to consider).

If you are brand new to cryptocurrency, you do not have to buy a whole number worth of bitcoin.

You can invest $500 or whatever amount you feel comfortable with and your Bitcoin will be received as a decimal or percentage of a full bitcoin.

Ex: .26458 of bitcoin is currently $980 USD.

When you click my referral Coinbase link it should look like this.

2. Fill Out Coinbase Information and Fund Your Account

Once you create your Coinbase account by filling out your basic information, Coinbase will send you a confirmation email.

Go to your inbox and click on this link to verify.

It will bring you to another page on Coinbase for you to enter some more basic information. The first one is which state you live in.

Once you select your state and hit next you will have to enter your phone number. You’ll get a text message with a verification number to enter into Coinbase.

Going forward, anytime you sign into Coinbase you will get a text message with a unique number code that you will need to enter each time you log in to your account.

Once all that information is complete, the next step would be to connect your online bank account to Coinbase and fund it.

This may be alarming to some people, but they promise they do not store your bank information. It is simply to fund your account.

Coinbase is an https:// secure site and also has a domain authority of 69/100 this is an algorithm Google uses to judge the trustworthiness of your website. A score of 69 stands for excellent.

Coinbase also signs up 100,000 new users each and every day. You have nothing to worry about here.

There are two ways you can connect your bank account. The first is in the dashboard tab on Coinbase.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a picture of a bank and a “add payment method.” Click on that.

You will need to fill out some more information such as your address, occupation, date of birth, the last 4 of your social security number and the purpose you are using Coinbase for (trading & investing).

Once that is filled out, hit next, as this will bring you to the bank account information tab. You will need the email and password associated to the bank account that you would like to link up.

Once you hit the next button you will need to pick the account. Choose either your checking or savings account.

Once you have the bank account linked up, you will now need to verify for security purposes with your driver’s license or photo ID.

You will need to take 2 pictures one of the front of it and then other of the back of the ID.

You can upload the pictures via your smart phone if you are using that to set the account up or you can email yourself and upload the files from your computer.

If for some reason you don’t see this “Add Payment” section on in the dashboard tab, go to the gear icon called “Settings” and click that to get to your profile.

From there, move your mouse over the “Limits” tab just below the settings tab you just clicked. Once you are in the “Limits” hit “verify your id” under the USD wallet section and follow the steps mentioned above.

The first option is much easier to set this up. This is just in case you accidently close that tab and need to find it again.

After this is completed go to the “Accounts” tab scroll down under your LTC Wallet and locate you USD Wallet. There will be a “Deposit” button. Click that as this is how you’ll transfer the money from your bank account into Coinbase.

Enter the desired amount you would like to deposit. Please note that $2,500 is your maximum limit until you raise them.

Once you entered the correct amount, hit continue. The next tab is where you will confirm the wire transfer into Coinbase.

They will give you a date of when the money will be in your account. It will say your money will be there 9–10 days later, but it’s usually is there much sooner. It usually only takes about 3–5 business days.

Once you hit confirm, you will receive an email from Coinbase that they received your request for the deposit. Then, you will get another email once the money is in your account.

If you do not trust funding your account with your bank, you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card. However, when you buy any cryptocurrency with a card, you will have a 3% fee opposed to the 1.5% with a bank account.

My recommendation would be to fund with your bank account. It is easy and you will save a lot of money in the long run in commission fees.

The first option and easiest to set up the bank account information.
Set up your Coinbase bank from the settings tab.

3. Create Your Bitconnect Account (darcioj should be your sponsor’s name on Bitconnect)

Once your account is funded, don’t buy the bitcoin just yet. Create your Bitconnect account first.

All you’ll have to do is enter some basic information and then you’ll be good to go. This is the first step to earning daily interest.

Leave darcioj as your sponsor (that’s me) as a way of saying thanks for showing you this platform.

The signup screen will look like this:

Your screen should look like this, make sure darcioj is the name of your Bitconnect sponsor.

4. Decide On The Amount You Want To Invest On Bitconnect

Once your Bitconnect account is created, decide which amount to invest is best for you so you can buy the right amount of bitcoin on Coinbase in a few minutes.

Bitconnect is another highly trusted website and has tens of thousands of people on their platform. It’s growing by the day.

There are 4 plans to choose from when making your decision. The first plan has you investing a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $1,000 for 299 days, making 1% interest a day or up to 40% a month.

The second plan you invest a minimum of $1010 to a maximum of $5000 for 239 days earning 1% interest a day or up to 40% a month plus .10% as an additional incentive to invest a little more money.

The third plan you invest a minimum of $5,010 to a maximum of $10,000 for 179 days making 1% interest a day or up to 40% a month plus .20% as an even bigger incentive to invest more.

The last, and maybe best plan, you invest a minimum of $10,010 to a maximum for 120 days earning you 1% interest a day or up to 40% a month plus .25% .

This is the best plan because your money is only tied up for 120 days or roughly 4 months and you are earning the highest possible interest rate guaranteed.

Here’s a screenshot of the lending tiers:

Decide which Bitconnect level makes the most sense for you and how much you can potentially afford to lose if something happened.

5. Buy Bitcoin On Coinbase

Once your account is funded and you’ve created your Bitconnect account, it is now time to buy some Bitcoin.

Buy as much as you feel comfortable investing, but remember the minimum you will need to invest on Bitconnect is $100. (As mentioned before try to do a minimum of $120 just in case due to fees and fluctuating Bitcoin prices).

Click on the tab at the top of the menu bar called “Buy/Sell”. Once the page loads, click on buy bitcoin and then enter the amount is USD dollars that you would like to purchase. If it all looks good, then click “Buy Instantly”.

Be advised the purchase amount will include the fees you owe 1.5% or 3% depending on your payment method.

You will have to confirm your password to complete the purchase. Your Bitcoin should be received in your BTC “Bitcoin” wallet almost immediately.

For a more in-depth guide to buying Bitcoin on Coinbase head to my blog, “How To Buy Bitcoin On Coinbase”.

Buy bitcoin on Coinbase enter the amount you would like to invest.

6. Transfer Bitcoin To Bitconnect

Once you have purchased the Bitcoin, you’ll also get your free $10 bonus if you bought $100 or more and you should see them in your bitcoin wallet on Coinbase.

Once you see the Bitcoin show up in your Coinbase wallet, head back over to Bitconnect as you are now going to transfer that Bitcoin from your Coinbase to Bitconnect.

To find your Bitcoin wallet on Bitconnect, make sure you are in the Dashboard tab and scroll down. You will see a green button that says “Deposit Bitcoin” (BTC) click that.

This will open your “Receive BTC Address”. This is a code consisting of letters both capital and lower case as well as numbers so make sure you copy the whole link perfectly.

Once you have copied the whole code, head back to Coinbase.

Next click on the “accounts” tab in Coinbase and you will see your BTC wallet. Click on the send button.

Paste the code you copied before from Bitconnect into the “Recipient” section and enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send over.

Be advised that you can send decimals of bitcoin over; it does not have to be a whole number so .044724, as an example, is perfectly fine to send.

Make sure to review your BTC address is correct and you are sending over the right amount. Once it looks right hit send money.

Hit Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) your unique address will populate which consists of numbers and letters both lower case and capital. Copy this address from Bitconnect then head to Coinbase.
Paste your bitcoin address here and then fill out the amount and confirm when it’s complete.

7. Buy Bitconnect Coins On Bitconnect With Bitcoin

Head back over to Bitconnect. The deposit should be there in about 15–30 minutes so just hang tight.

Make sure your whole deposit is there. You will be able to see the funds in the “Dashboard” tab of Bitconnect towards the top called “Bitcoin Cash Wallet”.

Once all the funds are there, click on the tab “BCC exchange”. Scroll down to about the middle of the page because you are now going to exchange your Bitcoin for Bitconnect tokens.

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Where it says “Buy/Sell BCC” click on “All”. This will automatically turn your Bitcoin into the right amount of Bitconnect tokens and this can also be in decimals too.

Then hit “Buy BITCONNECT COIN”. Once you click that you will have to confirm the purchase.

After you confirm the order, wait about one minute or so for your order to be complete.

If you are investing a larger amount, ($1,000 or more) you may have to raise the bid as seen below by .00000001 this will insure your whole order is placed and turns all your USD into Bitconnect coins.

For example down below the bid is .03129952 if you were trying to invest $1,000, simply change the bid to .03129953 and then hit the green tab “Buy BITCONNECT COIN” to confirm the order.

Give it about one minute, refresh your page, and your Bitconnect coins should be there. If the whole order didn’t execute, you will just have to wait a few minutes longer for the order to be filled.

Wait about 15–30 minutes for your bitcoin to transfer from Coinbase to Bitconnect then go to the BCC Exchange tab and turn your bitcoin into Bitconnect coins.

8. Lend Your Bitconnect Coins

You have now successfully turned your Bitcoin to Bitconnect coins.

You are almost done!

Head back to the dashboard tab on Bitconnect and click on the blue button labeled “Lend Bitconnect” this will also be the area you can reinvest with at a later time.

Next, enter the amount you would like to lend. Keep in mind that this number has to be divisible by 10.

Once you have entered the desired amount, click the check mark for the terms and conditions and hit “Pay from Bitconnect wallet”.

Confirm your purchase and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. You should see a check mark followed by “Payment Completed” with your account ID number and the amount you invested.

Congratulations, you are now all set up and you will start earning the very next day!

Each day the interest will be paid in your lending wallet at the top of the page, and it will be in USD currency.

Go back to the dashboard tab and hit “Lend Bitconnect”. A new window will pop up enter the amount you wish to invest, make sure you have that amount in the account and then make sure your enter a number divisible by 10.

9. Reinvest Daily Interest (Optional)

To make the compound interest on your investment you can “reinvest” the money you make daily from your lending wallet.

If you invest a minimum of $1,000 into Bitconnect, you can make a daily profit investment and really make your money work for you.

This is completely optional so if you do not want to do this skip to step #10 on how to take your money out of Bitconnect.

If you’re still on this step, then you’re smart.

“My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest. “ — Warren Buffett

You can reinvest your daily gains by going to the Dashboard tab and then clicking on the blue button “Reinvest”.

Keep in mind, like above, you can only invest a number divisible by 10 and the minimum amount to reinvest is $10.

Once you hit the reinvest button, enter how much you would like to reinvest and then confirm by hitting the reinvest button in the bottom left of the new pop up screen.

Another thing to consider is that when you reinvest the money, that new money is now locked into a new contract of up to 299 days (or less if you’re reinvesting into a higher tier).

Side note: If you chose the longer plan of 299 days and do not reinvest, you will have your full investment back in about 113 days (on average) plus some extra in your lending wallet.

You can send this money back to Coinbase and then you have a risk free investment in Bitconnect.

Going forward, in Bitconnect you can start reinvesting your money and make some serious compounding interest!

Start compounding your interest by reinvesting your daily money gains, also must be divisible by 10.

10. Take Your Money Out Of Bitconnect

After the investment period is over on Bitconnect, you will need to convert your money again to Bitconnect coins and then exchange it to Bitcoin.

It’s basically the above steps, but in reverse so you can take out your profits as you wish.

Or you can reinvest the money again with Bitconnect to benefit from the compounding interest. (Step 9)

You can also use this step to transfer your daily profits out of Bitconnect at anytime.

You just need a minimum of .005 BTC to transfer it out. To figure out how much money that is in USD take the current price of Bitcoin and multiply it by .005. (currently bitcoin is at $11,000; so $11,000 x .005 = $55)

So $55 is the minimum amount in USD you can transfer out. The minimum amount will change daily and hourly when the price of Bitcoin changes.

You can access this in the Dashboard tab on the top right and you will see your Bitcoin Cash Wallet, your Lending wallet, a transfer button, then Bitconnect Wallet and then another Transfer button into Bitcoin Wallet.

Your money should be paid back to your lending wallet at this point. Hit the transfer button which will turn the Lending Wallet into Bitconnect Coins and then hit the transfer button to the right of this wallet to turn those coins into Bitcoin.

Once you do this you will be redirected to the BCC Exchange tab.

Similar to step #7 when we bought the Bitconnect coins, we are now going to do the opposite and sell the Bitconnect coins for bitcoin.

You’re almost done. Phew!

The next step is to head back to Coinbase, go to the accounts tab, and click on “Receive” in your BTC Wallet.

There will be a warning to only send bitcoin to this wallet. Hit “Show Address” and then copy your unique bitcoin address. Again, it should be a code of numbers and letters both upper and lower case.

Once the code is copied, go back to Bitconnect and click on the Dashboard tab. Scroll down and you will see your bitcoin wallet and “Send BTC”.

You will see a “To Address” paste your Coinbase bitcoin address here, change the quantity to all, and enter your password.

Once you double check it to make sure it looks right, click on “Withdraw from BTC wallet”. Be advised there will be a small fee to send the Bitcoin which is the fee payed to the blockchain.

Allow 15–30 minutes and your Bitcoin should be back on Coinbase.

The last and final step is you can keep the Bitcoin in Coinbase (to trade) or you can sell it to get your USD cash back.

If you want to save the Bitcoin, then you are done. If you want to sell your bitcoin for cash then there’s a little more to do.

Go to The Buy/Sell tab, click bitcoin change the tab just above Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin and change it to sell. Then enter the amount you want to sell.

Select where you would like the money to be deposited to your linked bank account or you can choose to have it be deposited into your USD wallet on Coinbase to be used again to trade.

To confirm the sell order hit the button “Sell Bitcoin” then enter your password to complete the transaction.

Congratulations! You are now a smart investor and have made some serious Bitcoin profits!

Exchange your Lending wallet into Bitconnect coins then bitcoin. After that you will have to transfer your bitcoin back to Coinbase.
In the accounts tab go to your BTC wallet hit “receive” then copy your unique Coinbase Bitcoin ID number. Then go to Bitconnect.
Send bitcoin to your Coinbase account; paste your Coinbase BTC address in the “To Address” then enter your “Quantity in Bitcoin” type your password in and hit “Withdraw from BTC Wallet”.

Final Words

Anyone can start this program with as little as $100 and can expect to start earn interest as soon as the next day.

Be advised that some days the percent payout will be less than 1% or even 0%, but other days can be as high as 2%.

The trading bots do all the work and make about 5%-20% a day; your earnings are determined by how well the bots performed on that day.

Your payout in dollars is also determined by how much you initially invested. The smaller amount you lend will lead to a smaller payout.

Think of Bitconnect as a bank CD, (certificate of deposit) but for bitcoin you are locked into an investment for a certain period of time making a certain percentage interest on your money.

However, this “CD” pays a way better interest rate and can be compounded unlike one from a bank.

After the investment time period has ended you will get your capital investment back as well as your interest gains.

Bitconnect tiers of investing.

I know you’re probably thinking “wow this is too good to be true”… However, I did a little research on Bitconnect before I invested they has been around since 2016 and have several locations.

I also ran their website into the program Ahrefs and it shows their domain authority or trustworthiness in Google’s eyes is 63 out of 100 which stands for “a strong website that gets a good amount of traffic and is optimized well.”

Although it sounds almost too good to be true, at the time of this writing, I am about 3 weeks in and I have earned about 19% on my investment; which I am very happy about!

You should only invest the money you can afford to lose.

Another note is when you reinvest your money to start earning compound interest, the new money you invested acts as its own lending contract.

For example if you invested the minimum amount to reinvest of $10, that $10 is now locked into its own contract for 299 days.

My 19 day earnings so far $104 profit!

Learn How To Join Bitconnect From My YouTube Video

Below is a link to my YouTube channel where you can watch and listen on how to set up your free Bitconnect account.

Use this blog and the video to help walk you through the whole Bitconnect process step by step.

Learn how to buy bitcoin on Coinbase and learn how to make money with bitcoin in this short video:

After you watch the video, click here to set up your Bitconnect account.


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