There Are No Laptops Worth Buying Right Now

Apple recently disappointed nearly the entire tech community with its ‘innovation’ in the iPhone 7. I bought one anyway, but every day I question my decision, as my bluetooth headphones only last 5–6 hours, and then I’m stuck with no headphone-jack. I get into my friend’s car, and they hand me the aux, and I don’t have the adapter. I spend all of my time trying to connect my headphones to my phone, and none of my time doing what I want to do. So Apple took a look at all of that feedback, and they decided to ruin the second-most important device I own: my MacBook Pro.

I bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro (with Retina Display), and I upgraded the RAM to 16GB and the storage to 256GB, because I edit video. I love my Mac. I use it every single day, for homework, for internet browsing, to edit video, and to view YouTube. It’s great. So When I heard that Apple was releasing a new MacBook Pro, I was worried. Because I hate the idea of buying the ‘old version’ and being stuck with that for a whole upgrade cycle. I tried so hard to get my sister to wait 5 weeks last year for the iPhone 6S, but she didn’t care. So she got an iPhone 6, and I got a 6S.

This year, when the iPhone 7 came out, I rode a Greyhound Bus, ($42.50) over 300 miles to get from my college to the nearest Apple Store, in St. Louis. I waited in line from 5:00am to 9:30am in a mall to get a phone I didn’t want. I wanted a 7 Plus, but they were sold out, nationwide. So I bought a regular 7. However, as we came up on the launch of this Mac, and Apple accidentally leaked it, I wasn’t so hyped. When I found out that there were only USB-C ports on the MacBook Pro, I was very disappointed. Like I said earlier, I edit video. I take pictures and video with a Canon DSLR. which saves to an SD card. Which I put directly into my laptop. But the newest version, of the ‘laptop for creatives and power users,’ has no such slot.


I feel like I’m lucky to have a great Mac already, because as much as I love the idea of Windows, I love Windows on a desktop. Don’t get me wrong, fixing Windows computers is literally my side job. I’m a certified technician, through CompTIA. But I’m not about to buy a Dell product, or a laptop with a hinge that wobbles, and especially not a tablet with a kickstand. So I would be stuck. Honestly, it’s too bad that Google doesn’t have a kickass Chromebook out right now. Because if I was in the market, I would be looking at Chrome OS devices.

This is the first time that I’ve been very happy with my position in an upgrade cycle. Because as a *broke* college student, I’m the most locked in I’ll ever be. But for those of you out there looking to buy, I wish you luck. Because all those dongles, they’re not gonna be cheap.