I tried to watch Game Of Thrones legally in France, Here is what happened

As many of my friends in France started watching the last season of Game Of Thrones: I decided to start watching it too.

I looked for a solution to watch it legally.

Getting it from HBO was not an option, as it’s not available in France :(

HBO Now is not available on Google Play in France

I have found only one provider in France

A quick search tells us that it’s only available through one provider in France: OCS, owned by Orange the national carrier company.
Ok, so let’s subscribe to OCS.

You can only subscribe to OCS throught a mobile/internet carrier or by owning a PlayStation

Page to subscribe to OCS : choose your carrier

The only way for me to subscribe to this service is with my mobile carrier. Ok, let’s subscribe with that. I went through the carrier, which provides it as a one-click option.

3 days later, I received the confirmation of my subscription (better late than never)

Orange, my mobile carrier, is actually the owner of OCS: can you imagine how long would it take for people that subscribe with other carriers ?

So ok, now I have my subscription activated. I downloaded the OCS Go application on my phone. I saw that the OCS app is compatible with Chromecast: cool, let’s try to cast Game Of Thrones to my projector.

I didn’t have the right to cast: “not included in your offer”

When I try to play a video, this popup indicated that I can’t cast in my offer (after I was successfully connect to the Chromecast)

Ok, let’s try on my computer, it’s included in my offer.

I connect my computer to the video projector: It works!

I can watch Game of Thrones in 1080p on my video projector through my computer but I didn’t have the right to cast from my phone…

Soon after sitting down, though, I noticed that:

French subtitles are watermarked in the video, you can’t remove it

For those who don’t speak french “But I never disobey to an order”

Although French is my mother tongue, it’s horrible to see the french subtitles when I listen to the voice in english. The translation is not exact and the double stream of information is an exact opposite of the relaxing effect that I was looking for a TV show.

To compensate, I injected a blur box in the html code to hide the subtitles. This is how I watched Game of Thrones:

I pay 10€ (~12$) per month for that.

The experience is not really user friendly.
We are in 2016 and alternative to piracy are still jokes.

PS: It’s indicated 22 days left on the OCS. Will I still be able to watch Game of Thrones after that? I don’t know, I didn’t find explanations.

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