After Charlottesville, It’s Time to End the Assault on Voting Rights
Chuck Schumer

I get how you want to disband the Election Integrity Commission because God forbid people find out that there is fraud going on…. “This is either a case of massive incompetency or massive fraud.”

This is less about disenfranchising voters and more about preventing voting/election fraud. If this is REALLY such a huge problem why isn’t the push to help these people get proper identification since that would make everyone happy. I’m sure these people who don’t have identification also have trouble 1) driving, 2) buying alcohol legally, 3) buying cigarettes, 4) buying spray paint, 5) buying cold medicine, 6) getting a library card, 7) boarding an airline, 8) Opening a bank account, 9) cashing a check, 10) applying for food stamps, 11) applying for unemployment, 12) renting a house, apartment, hotel room, or even a car, 13) getting married, 14) buying a gun, 15) getting a fishing license, 16) buying a cell phone, 17) obtaining a medical prescription, 18) using medical insurance.
I call BS on your whole argument Chuck and question your honesty in the matter.

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