HELP! ACA / Obamacare Alternatives — post repeal, but no replace.

I am a self employed individual with an ACA healthcare plan. I If you are a republican and are in favor of repeal and wait around without replace, please tell me how I get medical care for my pregnant wife.

I have had health insurance for a decade with individual plans, and it took me a month to get on my ACA plan which I actually like.

However if there is a disruption in the market without a plan, I am terrified that I will not be able to buy new health insurance for myself and my pregnant wife.

We currently are not receiving any subsidies. I just want medical care for my wife.

If you do not know the solutions to this, you are not alone. We have contacted our health insurance provider and they do not know what will happen, we have scoured the internet and we have no idea what will happen.

I urge you to call your congress person and just ask what they say about it. Use this case.

If they do not have an answer, you should be worried. If they have an answer please help me and others like me find out what to do.

I just want a healthy family.