Changing the Nature of Business Relationships

David McGee
Aug 3, 2015 · 3 min read
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“Any agreement made by negotiated self-interest is tantamount to a broken relationship for it is momentary and transactional by nature and will never withstand the ever-changing forces in our marketplace.” — David McGee

At Mazzi we are getting at the very nature of business relationships and partnerships. Especially how these business relationships work and create value.

We’re talking about examining everything about them!

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What your business relationships and partnerships are aiming for…what success looks like…how they’re measured…how and when money is passed from one party to the next…how the work is defined…the defined roles and responsibilities…the rules that define how the game is played…the principles that drive behavior…the culture wherein the partnerships reside…the forms and structures that support the relationships…the agreements that document the rules…the things these partnerships don’t talk about and the topics that are discussed…the way the partnership is monitored and managed…the system where the partnership operates…and on and on.

We think today’s business relationships or partnerships weren’t designed for today’s business environment.

We believe a fresh and bold remake is required.

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We believe partnering is more powerful than just buying and transacting.

We think that what people call business partnerships today are really just negotiated self-interest-based transactions…and they are already useless the moment they are signed.

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We think:

covenants are more powerful than contracts

relationships focused on outcomes are more powerful than relationships focused on just transactional buying

transparency is tantamount to trust

pointing fingers and assigning blame is a waste of time

value is being lost at the intersect points — where a myriad of employees and organizations align themselves to create value

The future of partnering is fueled with a different power…

The future of partnering:

aligns everyone towards an outcome meaningful to the business

is built on we all win when one of us wins…we all lose when one of us loses!

has a new set of rules — for it’s a new game

focuses on examining why problems arise and addressing the root causes without witch-hunts and taking scalps

sets out who is filling what role…not how they’re filling it

removes the 3–5 layers that keep groups from meaningfully connecting and creating the atmosphere that solves the right problem — again and again

measures only what really matters towards having a successful outcome

is tough and fair — sharing the ups and downs requires a shift in thinking about what really matters and the courage to stand for each stakeholder

is a verb — it’s a movement towards constructive partnerships instead a movement away from dysfunctional transactions

deals with essence and form — context and content

is more than just me or you — its about all the stakeholders

is more comfortable with handshakes than arm wrestling

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The future is happening now!

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