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(Hello! I usually write about product management, and entrepreneurship, but this post will be a little different. A few weeks ago one of our good friends started sending my wife updates from her sister who had tested positive for COVID-19. The updates were so honest and detailed that I thought it would be worth sharing more broadly as we each decide what level of social distancing we’re willing to commit to. COVID affects different people in different ways but when it does find a vulnerable host, the results, even for those who survive, are scary.)


This is not a political post. The politicizing of things that have nothing to do with politics has always been a “thing” but this year’s been an especially rough one as we see things as fundamental as basic human rights and response to a deadly pandemic turned into political fodder. It’s been confusing to see our state’s and our country’s COVID numbers continue to climb as the rest of the first world plateaus and declines. I’ll share some sobering charts at the end but to start I want to outline the 3 points I hope to get…


Jesse Harding

12 years early stage startup experience. Currently Product Manager at Weave. I like creating things that make people happy.

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