Fog Fall | Jordan Blackwood

A fog is a somewhat strange phenomena, at least it is to me. It can be beautiful, mysterious, haunting, and frustrating often all at the same time. It’s basically a fallen cloud and it’s also used to describe a state of confusion, especially after a change.

The thick blanket descends

The garden of Eden was a beautiful place where Adam and Eve enjoyed complete and unhindered fellowship with their Creator. They could eat from the fruit that the trees bore, take care of the land and name the animals. I can only imagine what a paradise it must’ve been!

God gave them one rule. They were not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

However, the devil came in the form of a snake and placed doubts and confusion regarding God’s command into Eve’s mind and she and Adam ate the fruit.

It’s interesting what happens after this. In Genesis 3, scripture says that their eyes were opened and they knew good and evil just like the snake said they would but it wasn’t really a comfort for them. They realized that they were naked and so they covered themselves, nakedness wasn’t an issue before, and they were afraid of God. Adam and Eve were ultimately banished from the garden and they along with all humanity that came after them were cursed. And since their job was to care for creation, creation was cursed too.

The cloud over creation

The greatest tool that Satan has in his toolbox is the ability to deceive. Jesus refers to him in the book of John as the “Father of lies”. Many, many people around the world are looking everywhere, oftentimes painfully, for their identity and purpose except in the one that created them.

Adam and Eve were righteous and holy before their Creator before they were tempted and as mentioned before, enjoyed an intimate relationship with Him. They were created in the Image of God and were the very best of God’s creation as all humanity is. As image-bearers, they were expected to spread the goodness of God throughout the Earth in obedience to the God’s rule. When they disobeyed God, they allowed sin to enter the world. With sin comes death. Sin also separated a sinful humanity from a righteous and holy Creator.

Sin is a fog that covers the world.

The light through the clouds

God, in order to reconcile humanity to Himself, sent His Son Jesus Christ on a rescue mission. Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and therefore was without sin. He took the sins of humanity onto Himself on a cross where He died but He rose from the grave having defeated both. He has many names, one of those is The Last Adam. By accepting the finished work on the cross and the victory that came from it, humanity can be reconciled to God through Christ.

Jesus is the light that shines through the clouds. It is only through Him that we can become Children of God and spend eternity with Him forever. When we ask Him to forgive our sins and make Him Lord, our identity becomes rooted in Christ and not ourselves. Our death sentence for our sins inherited through the first Adam is pardoned and we now have eternal life inherited through the Last Adam!

Fog lift

There is a fog over the world now but it won’t last forever. One day Christ will return to destroy the devil once and for all and establish God’s rule once again on the Earth. But for all the people that have not accepted Christ, this will mean judgement and they will face eternal death. This was not God’s choice but rather Man’s choice. God did not stop Eve from taking the fruit. They were given free will just as we are. If we do not cede responsibility for our sins onto Christ who has already taken them willingly, we will be responsible for them.


We Christians, those who are already called children of God by our Creator because of the free gift we have accepted have a duty to bring people to the light that shines through the fog. If Christ is the light beam that shines through the clouds then we are the flashlights that are to point people to it. That is our job. There are suffering and hurting people in this world that are lost in the fog that we as humans created and the devil exploited. Let’s bring them out!