Streetcars vs Light Rail for Louisville: ‘Trainsplaining’ the Difference
Pat Smith

Thank you for clarifying the distinctions between these two. My personal experience with light rail and streetcars has been similar. I’ve also observed that — because streetcars often do not get a dedicated lane — they are experienced from within as ‘a little better than a bus’ and without as a nuisance to vehicular travel.

While I agree that Louisville density is lower than in many metropolises, what of the economic engine you speak of? Louisville has had bold public works in the past that were based on very forward thinking city plans (Olmsted Parks); are we simply not being bold enough in creating something that will serve citizens today, and can also be expanded as neighborhoods, economies and populations grow?

I see some pretty clear lines of density on the map you present. And while a streetcar from downtown to U of L (and beyond) would be better-than-present, a light rail system would bring even more potential to the corridor, would it not?

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