Documentary Recommendations Pt. 1

I try to watch a handful of documentaries a month. I love learning about people, their backgrounds and educating myself about worlds other than my own. So, here are 5 documentaries I’ve recently seen and recommend.

  1. Gender Revolution

I’ve watched Gender Revolution twice and I must say, seeing Katie Couric travel the country to try and learn about gender identity is precious. This documentary is relevant, educational and eye-opening. There is so much to learn about in the LGBTQ+ space if you’re not familiar with it and I thought this did a fantastic job at talking about diversity and fluidity in the trans community in ways I haven’t seen in other docs.

2. Minimalism

Two filmmakers talk about happiness after moving towards a minimalistic life style, which has inspired me to do some serious Spring cleaning to clear my head and think about what’s really important. One takeaway was the 30 in 30 Challenge that many bloggers have done: Choose 30 pieces of clothing and remix them for 30 days, with the goal being to learn more ways to expand your wardrobe.

3. 13th

There’s a reason why this one is popular. Just look it up.

4. This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

I was interested in watching this after seeing Gender Revolution. YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous’ upbringing and transition was inspiring to watch because she’s fierce and not afraid to be herself, especially in the spot light. This is a nice doc to watch that gives you insight into one person’s journey and what they have gone through.

5. The Eighties

I’m a 90’s kid and I didn’t pay attention in history class at all so I decided to watch this series. Each episode focuses on a different part of the 80’s, from television to AIDs. If you have nothing better to do with your life, you could consider this. I only added this one because I wanted 5 on this list.