Jubilee (Fuck the National Debt)

The average household credit card balance is $16,000 and overall household debt is over $132,000. The national debt as of this writing, according to http://www.usdebtclock.org/ is over $20,171,065,400,000 and climbing by the second, which places that debt per citizen at almost $62,000 and the debt per taxpayer at over $167,000 (and climbing). The vast majority of that debt is owed to the social security system, but the next largest holder is the so called “federal” “reserve” which at the time of this writing is owed more than $2,643,000,000,000 (and climbing). There is no end in sight and the problem is going to continue to get significantly worse if not addressed but it is not being addressed. This is not a new problem. Societies have found themselves in similar situations in the past and had a solution; a solution that we need to adopt and that solution is the debt jubilee.

A debt jubilee is a total forgiveness of all debt that has been used to free up citizens from debt servitude and reinvigorate the economy. Throughout history it has served that purpose.

The origins of the jubilee lie in Christianity but since I consider religion to be bullshit, I will not address that here other than to quote: “Every 49th year was the ‘Year of the Jubilee’ when freedom from all debt and servitude was proclaimed throughout the land. … In the New Testament, the Lord’s Prayer calls upon the disciples to ask God to “forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.”

Hammurabi (of the famous code) enacted jubilees and Mesopotamia had them regularly for about one thousand years. Big parties were thrown because those are occasions in which people want to celebrate.

After World War One, most war ravaged countries in Europe simply wrote off their debts.

I could go on and on, but this is a centuries old practice that society desperately needs today. The only difference being that most people are unfamiliar with this concept because the same assholes that own the banking system own the mass media.

Now, let me explain something very sinister to you in case you are unfamiliar with this concept (not Jim, anybody else reading this if he decides it’s worth a shit). The so-called “Federal” “Reserve” is neither federal, nor a reserve. It is a giant debt creating mechanism that loans our government it’s own money with interest, so that there is always significantly more debt (to them) than there is currency to pay it. That almost 3 fucking TRILLION DOLLARS that I mentioned earlier, that we owe them, is just a bullshit con. The same assholes that have enslaved our government with it’s bullshit con, owns the credit cards that you owe money to. You know what’s worse? They created that fucking money out of nothing! The vast majority of “money” in the world simply exists as a computer entry. It never existed until they lent it to me/you/governments, etc, and the assholes have the nerve to charge us interest on their “product” that they created out of thin air.

It’s centuries past time for a Jubilee. The debt is odious. We don’t owe it. It was a bullshit trick to enslave humanity (and we got enslaved!) but we can simply walk away. While I’d like to see their banking system destroyed and the owners of said system lynched from trees, I’d say a good start is to just quit paying them. They already own almost the whole world and don’t need to continue to bleed Grecian pensioners until they (regularly) commit suicide. Enough is enough. If you agree, please comment and share. Please cause a thought tsunami on this subject. Please be part of the solution to free humanity.