I Kinda Miss The Apple Ecosystem?
Alex Rowe

I can’t even tell you how on point this article is, haha. I was an iPhone user for years (ever since the iPhone 3G), but I decided to take the plunge into the world of Android recently and got myself a Google Pixel.

It’s been an interesting experience. There are many things I really love about Android in general, and the Pixel in particular. And, to some degree, when I go back to iOS, there will be Android certain features I’ll miss.

But… :-)

…introducing the Pixel into my device mix has definitely also meant some heartache and lack of convenience. I mean, iMessage is out the window for me now — and like you, I was really finding the whole iMessage/Continuity feature set extremely handy. Now something as simple as messaging others (especially all my iPhone user friends) feels slightly backwards.

Because — like you — I’m a “Power User” and a technology lover, I wanted to deliberately explore Android and get an understanding of what it’s like to live with an Android device day-to-day. I also wanted the very best possible Android experience, and I figured the Pixel probably fit the bill (especially because I wanted that lovely stock Material Design feel).

But I do suspect that the Pixel will be a blip on the radar. Despite now owning a Pixel — and even a Chromecast (which is a rather fantastic little device) — I am pretty sure I’ll end up back on the iPhone train with my next purchase. I feel like I’ve had a little holiday, and now I want to get back into the world where everything just (more or less) works seamlessly across devices.

Damn you, Apple.

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