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Bethesda’s “wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle” experiences are exactly what I need right now

I have been on a Bethesda kick lately. It should be noted that I’m one of those insufferable folks who occasionally complains about a gaming backlog that’s too large to jump over. Re-downloading and starting Skyrim from the very beginning undoubtedly torches any hope I had of clearing said backlog. It gets worse though. Only a few weeks before Skyrim returned to my PS4, I fired up Fallout: New Vegas and started it again from the beginning. Oh, and somewhere along the line I also had another crack at Fallout 4.

I know what you’re thinking. In my own defence, let me just point out that I’d already completed both Skyrim and Fallout 4 long ago. New Vegas is the only game of the three I’d never finished. In fact — for reasons that still aren’t entirely clear to me — I had played New Vegas a couple of times and stopped right as I reached the Vegas Strip. Yes, I know; that’s where the game really starts. …

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It’s time to revive SEGA’s groundbreaking home console

Talk to any Sega Dreamcast owner and you’re almost guaranteed to hear the sermon. It comes in various forms, but the underlying message is always the same: the Dreamcast is an under appreciated console classic.

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The limited-time freebie is a genius remix of the classic Mario formula

There is something truly delicious about nabbing a power star, ploughing through a dozen Goombas, Koopa Troopas, a couple of Hammer Bros., …

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