Meditations I: The Peace of Violence

Picture by James D. Cao. Instagram: @jameseybaby

“I fight less, the more I study the Art of War….”

Men were originally hunters in primitive times. Masculinity and the combat associated with it have received negative connotations in this emerging new world. To be strong and to fight and to push the limits of human exertion is considered ignorant in a society that is growing soft. Men have lost their animal instincts.

But wait! Men that attack other men, women, and children are scum. Domestic violence, crime, and battery assault are the marks of idiots with low egos and an inferiority complex.

I absolutely agree. You are right. Those who pick fights and try to attack others because they seek strength are not alphas. They are the betas of the pack who cower in the presence of a leader.

There is a difference between violence, and the art of violence. The man who learns how to kill understands that he does not have to kill. He learns to kill, so that he may not have to kill.

A man who does not fight because he is cowardly or a man who is peaceful because he has never been tested is less respected in my eyes. A peaceful man is the highest order of humanity, but do not mistake me, a peaceful man and a complacent man are two different things.

There are many ways one can be tested by Life. Whether by strenuous relationships of family and friends, bullies, war, death, experiences accumulated, the blood, sweat and tears through sports and exercise, most of all in nature, peace within does not come from the still waters they sit in but the revolving motion of existence swirling consistently around.

I respect and love the man who has great power, strength, and the ability to inspire awe and fear, yet are calm and kind to the world around them.

Let me provide the greatest example in someone who embodies these traits. Jesus Christ, who advocated peace and goodwill towards all. He was a pacifist, but he was not a pacifist because that was the only choice offered to him. Who is more powerful than God, and Jesus is the Son of God? If you believe in religion or Christianity or none at all, this still applies to humanity by gaining inspiration from the Divine. The Son of God put down on earth in human form, died, rose again and to come again to lead Heaven’s army against Satan and to bring peace to the kingdom once and for all…

Jesus Christ did not turn the other cheek because he was not able to hit back. Jesus Christ was not a pacifist because he was weak and cowardly. Because he was the Messiah, because of his strength, it was not because of those reasons. Why did he promote peace? With the understanding of the Art of War and violence, it is peace that humanity’s survival rely on. Not the false peace of someone who has never had their metal tested, but the peace that one understands is better than the battery that Life has, and can, put a person through.

So Man should leave the shells of mediocrity that have surrounded them. Times are different, but humanity is still the same. Test your metal by roughing the majesty of nature, push your body to the limit of what it can do, sharpen your mind and wit through critical thinking with those around you. Through my experiences, the greatest passion that a human can pursue is the Martial Arts. Box, do muay thai, become a practitioner of jiu-jitsu. Learn how to fight. Hit. Get hit. No greater appreciation for avoiding conflict occurs then when a fist is pulverizing your face to mush. No greater confidence occurs then when you know you can knock someone out.

Those may say that such a passion is a false ideal in a progressive world. Combat sports go against the tide of a peaceful nation that the future looks forward too.

On the contrary, the most peaceful and calm individuals I have ever met are those who have dedicated their life to the study of violence.

It is the most fearful alpha of a pack of animals whom stay the most quiet, and the beta that is the loudest in the presence of safety..

Have you not noticed, that the man, or animal, who picks a fight and yells the loudest are the ones who are skinny and scrawny? And that when faced with an actual situation, they cower into a ball unable to back the words that they spewed?

Such is it, that the Art of Violence is not to be mistaken for violence itself.