Attentive is joining Techstars Boulder — the why and the how

We’re really proud to announce that Attentive has a new address: Boulder, Colorado! I wanted to share with you our rationale for the move and how we think it’ll impact our company going forward.

Since day one, we wanted compete globally, whatever it took. To be able to do that you need have extraordinary skills and experience (plus, a bit a luck and good timing).

The full Attentive team, ready to accelerate!

Why Techstars

We got some experience, but this is our first company, so we definitely don’t have any extraordinary skills. This means that for us to have a slight chance of success, we need to surround ourselves with experienced founders, talented people and ambitious companies. All of which need to actually want to help us.

And this is what Techstars is all about.

Throughout 2016, as we were developing our business, we had the chance to meet some Techstars alumni, and they all were incredibly supportive of a 4-person company from Portugal, without a single expectation of a return.

#Givefirst is not just nice thing to say or a marketing slogan, it’s something that all alumni believe, cherish and encourage.

After experiencing it first hand, we had no doubt that that was the mentor-driven philosophy that we want for our company.

Why Boulder

10 years ago, Techstars started in Boulder. Now with over 25 programs spread around the world, there’s definitely a special vibe here :)

Also, we know that in Boulder we have the right mix of alumni in the SaaS / Enterprise space that we can learn from — FullContact is great example. And that, as you seen from above, is our main priority for the program.

Here are a few additional reasons why we picked Boulder (pic taken from a shop in Pearl St)

I’m sure our company is going to be very different in three months, when the program ends. We come with no pre-conceived ideas of how it will be at that time. The only thing that we can commit is to work harder that we ever did to deploy our vision.

I also wanted to extend a big thank you to Karina: without her guidance and mentorship this opportunity wouldn’t be possible!

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