He based this opinion on the behavior he observed in the video, the same behavior that launched a thousand crackpot theories.
American Horror Story: The Cecil Hotel
Josh Dean

Psychosis, Drew Ramsey explained, is very hard for most people to understand. It’s even hard for shrinks to understand sometimes. “It seems so crazy,” he said. These are wildly irrational experiences; a patient, for instance, might hear the voice of the devil telling him to kill himself. “A psychotic break is when someone loses touch with the reality that the rest of us are in touch with.”

If Lam were flirting with someone, as many have suggested, that person would ultimately arrive in the frame, Ramsey says. And if Lam were afraid of someone in the hall, she’d be showing real panic. But she’s not. “If there’s a scary guy, why wouldn’t you scream or pound on doors or hit the alarm?” Why would you just push a bunch of buttons and hide?

“In her mind, there’s somebody in the hallway. What people are falling for is that they’re actually entering into her delusion,” Ramsey told me.

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