A Teenager’s View on Education Technology
Soraya Shockley

Disclosure: I am working on my second master’s in Educational Technology. The first was an MS in ETEC-Leadership; the second will be an MEd in ETEC-Library Science.

“Tech has always been a part of my high school reality.” Tech has *always* been a part of education. My aunt has a fascinating project from her 8th grade class on a reel-to-reel. I still have a high school project using a Polaroid camera and film. Even the abacus was new at some point. As long as there has been education, there has always been ed tech, and there will always be discussion on 1) what it is (textbooks dedicate entire chapters to this one question) and 2) how to integrate it. Perhaps your friends and you should — ahem — learn a little more about what ed tech is before you give such delightfully snarky (and contradictory) advice. And since ed tech is a discipline that is largely taught taught in grad school, good luck with that.

tl;dr — Humble yourself. Even though we all know that teenagers know everything, you don’t know nearly as much as you think you do about the very topic you’re writing about. I can’t wait for your next article: A Teenager’s Take on Curriculum and Instruction: Tests Are Boring, So Entertain Me.