Mixes Fintech With Sharing Economy Opportunities

The Fintech industry can disrupt many business models in the financial sector, yet very few of them seem to be focusing on helping people make more money. is one of those rare exceptions, and they want to help everyone in the world to achieve their life goals.

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For a lot of people passionate about Fintech, life goals are all about turning a passion into a job, and always honing skills while doing so. This is where comes into the picture, as they have developed a specific algorithm to sift through offerings from the sharing and gig economy.

Fintech will play a fundamental role in the future of the sharing economy, and is just one example of these two worlds colliding. Given the number of platforms which let consumers rent out spare rooms, drive people around with their own car, or become a creator, new financial technologies, and solutions will have to be created to accommodate for this mind shift. currently offers over 30 work categories and more than 450 income providers active in the Fintech and sharing economy industry. There are so many different legal ways to make money by doing what we love, yet very few people are aware of the possibilities. This free platform collects the best offerings and presents them in a clear interface.

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