Bitfilm Festival 2015 Kick-off Event This Sunday

The time is almost upon us to kick off the Bitfilm Festival 2015, which will once again start in Berlin. Similar to last year’s event, there will be various short and long films competing in this festival and viewers will be able to vote on the movie they like best by sending Bitcoin donations to a specific address.

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Bitfilm Festival 2015 Berlin Line-Up

Even though the Bitfilm Festival 2015 will host screenings around the world, the kick-off event will always take place in Berlin. Bitcoin enthusiasts in the area can make their way over to Kino Central in the Rosenthaler Straße 39 on Saturday, October 31. Entry to the Berlin event is completely free of charge, whereas other locations will be subject to an entrance fee.

Similar to last year, the Bitfilm Festival 2015 kick-off event will start in the early afternoon and Bitcoin Exchange Berlin will allow users to exchange fiat currency to Bitcoin. There will also be a few short presentations, as Satoshi Labs, Humboldt University, Satoshi Pay and Bitcoin@GTEC will all be represented from 4 PM onwards.

It has to be said, though, the schedule is tightly packed with lots of audiovisual content for Bitcoin enthusiasts to enjoy. Up first are the “How Bitcoin is like the Internet in the 80s” short film, followed by “Bitcoin — The End of Money As We Know it.” long film. This documentary has been well received by the Bitcoin community so far and as a must-see for digital currency enthusiasts all over the world.

Bitcoin Traveler- Paragliding Challenge” will be the second of four short films shown during this event. “Life on Bitcoin,” another documentary that has seen great enthusiasm from the Bitcoin community so far will complement this short movie in an excellent manner.

Later in the evening, “Bitcoin for the Intelligent Layperson” will try to establish a visual format for explaining Bitcoin to novice users. It is important we grow the Bitcoin community as exponentially as possible and these types of short films will prove to be valuable tools to achieve that goal. The third long film is titled “Crypto Currencies — The Gold of the Digital Age”.

For those who are willing to stay until the end of Bitfilm Festival 2015 in Berlin — and you really should, to be honest — there will be another short film waiting for you. “Finding Satoshi Nakamoto” is the name, and by the look of things, this is a great example of how intriguing Bitcoin is. Last but not least, “Ulterior States” will be the closing long film for this event.

Catch Bitfilm Festival 2015 Abroad

Multiple events for the Bitfilm Festival 2015 tour are planned, so make sure to catch a screening near your place. Cities like Amsterdam, London, Saigon, Buenos Aires and Ubud/Bali have all been confirmed so far. For a more detailed Bitfilm Festival 2015 schedule, make sure to keep an eye on the website.

Although enthusiasts can attend the Berlin screening free of charge, there is always the option of donating to the Bitfilm Festival. On the event website, a Bitcoin donation address has been created and all contributions are more than welcome. A share of 20% will be deducted from all votes for organizing these events around the world.

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