MagicStick Is A Powerful PC On A Stick Smashing Goals on Indiegogo

MagicStick — the world’s most powerful computer on a stick with Intel’s almighty 14 nm Cherry Trail Processor with 12 to 16 core GPU and 8GB RAM. It’s the first ever PC stick to give a real feeling of a powerful computer on TV. It’s the first device like this, which comes with Windows 10 and Android Lollipop Pre-loaded, and also supports all variants of Linux like Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

As a plug-and-play device, MagicStick uses HDMI port to go. It supports USB 3.1 port with an ultra-fast data transmission speed of over 10 Gbps into its diminutive casing (25 times faster than any existing computer). Additionally, MagicStick gives the users the opportunity to have Skype calls, play games over Wi-Fi, watch YouTube videos, and shop by selecting items, all on a big TV screen. It has a dual antenna using beam forming technology with over 1 Gbps Wi-Fi speed. MagicStick is designed to give excellent experience playing games over Wi-Fi and 4k Ultra HD videos streaming which is a step more than a laptop.

The tech market for home entertainment and lifestyle business has exploded in the past years. Today the MagicStick announces that it has outdone itself with the next generation of its PC stick device. „We created MagicStick because all existing “Computer on Stick” had left a gap and people were frustrated with all the variants of compute Stick that are currently on the market,” said Ambuj Kumar, the Founder and Chief Architect of MagicStick.

It’s an IOT device. The user can switch ON/OFF MagicStick with a mobile phone while sleeping in bed. MagicStick has customized BIOS software and a Power/switch button. On pressing this button, MagicStick becomes a pen drive, and data can be easily copied from it. Packed with USB disk with up to 128 GB of space. The user can do anything with MagicStick what is possible on laptop or desktop computer, including programming.

„We are extremely proud to introduce MagicStick a new, affordable and most powerful gadget for the next generation of families, businessmen, and students, providing more capabilities that ever before for entertainment and educational features to improve the quality of life,” said Ambuj Kumar, the Founder and Chief Architect of MagicStick.

Over the last three years, the MagicStick team of experienced developers, designers, and engineers have developed several prototypes to arrive to the most powerful PC stick ever made. MagicStick is the first of its kind to give its users a real feeling of a powerful computer on TV, granting them the freedom to enjoy technology in the comfort of their homes and offices.

MagicStick — the world’s most powerful computer on stick announces its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo ( at 8:00 am PST, 29th September with a goal of raising $50,000 for mass production. Additional goal to pre-order 500 units, the MagicStick PC stick device, is available for a special Indiegogo price of only $99. Delivery in December 2015!

Technical Specifications

  • • 14 nm Cherry Trail Processor with 12 to 16 core GPU
  • • Emmc 5.1 based storage, and LPDDR3 RAM up to 8 GB
  • • USB3.1 with over 10 Gbps data transfer speeds
  • • 1 Gbps Wi-Fi speed supporting Beam Forming technologies
  • • Wi-Fi display (Airplay and Miracast) supported
  • • IOT enabled
  • • 4k Ultra HD videos Streaming
  • • Range of ports and connections including the latest C-type connector
  • • Windows 10 and Android pre-loaded (compatible with Linux)
  • • Runs on 5 Watts of power


Header image courtesy of MagicStick

Originally published at Fintechist.

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