New Bit-X Bitcoin Debit Cards Shipping Out

Bit-X, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin debit card providers, recently announced a new line of cards to improve the overall user experience. Up until now, the original Bit-X Bitcoin debit card was a TravelCard, and came only in black, with the embossed cardholder name being Bit-X. That lack of variety has now changed with the company now offering a total of eight different cards to choose from.

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Anonymous and Named Bit-X Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bit-X customers have a variety of card options at their disposal, catering to the fact that individual users has different tastes. Anonymous Bitcoin debit cards have a certain appeal to them, as there is no way, by any means, to tie an individual user to this card. As previously mentioned, the anonymous card will show the Bit-X company name as the cardholder. Since these cards are Travel Cards, issued by one of the two leading credit card issuers in the world, they can carry any name on them and be used by anyone in the world. Plus, with their black design, the anonymous cards are destined to attract a fair bit of attention from other people.

Both the Anonymous limited and regular Anonymous Bit-X Bitcoin debit cards can be denominated in both EUR and USD balance. It is important to note the limited cards will only work up until the threshold of 250 EUR or 300 USD has been reached. Regular Anonymous cards also feature certain limits, although these can be raised by passing a verification procedure.

The recent addition of Named cards gives Bit-X customers the option to have their own name embossed on the front of the card. A Named Bit-X Bitcoin debit card can be denominated in EUR, USD, or GBP, and can only be issued to customers of non-restricted countries. Unlike their Anonymous counterparts, Named cards are subject to lower fees and commissions.

But that is not all, as there are Named White BIt-X Cards as well, although they come at a steep price of US$ 99,95/EUR 99,95. This type of Bitcoin debit card can also be denominated in EUR, GBP, or USD, and they have even lower commissions and no monthly fees for the lifetime of the card.

Regardless of which Bit-X Bitcoin debit card a user has, the maximum amount of money to be spent in one transaction is capped at 90% of their account balance. However, funds from all supported wallets — fiat balances, as well as Bitcoin and Litecoin balances — can be used to fund any transaction at all times, unless disabled by the card user.

First Impressions of the Bit-X Named Card

When the news broke about these new cards, I decided to order a Bit-X Named card immediately. The card arrived in the mail yesterday and is issued by Visa. Unlike the previous black design, my Bit-X Named Card is white-ish. After completing some transactions with the card so far, everything seems to work as advertised, although a more thorough review of the card will follow later this week.

It is nice to see how the new Named card does not automatically make the previous Bit-X card attached to my account invalid. Both cards can be used to spend the same balance in your account, although one will be subject to lower fees compared to the other. Having multiple options to achieve the same goal is never a bad thing, though!

Source: Bit-X

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Originally published at Digital Money Times.