The Do’s and Dont’s of Bitcoin Marketing on Reddit

Reddit is often seen as the go-to platform for marketing purposes, especially where Bitcoin companies and news is concerned. After all, the platform calls itself the “front page of the Internet” and, for a time, that certainly has been the case. But how does one go about making their product or service stand out on Reddit, considering it such a hub of activity around the clock?

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Pro-activity Goes A Long Way On Reddit

Unlike what a lot of content producers might assume, Reddit is not a platform where one can register, dump their content, and hope to see an immediate response. If a user has next to no reputation on the platform, people will be far less inclined to read their posts. Or in some cases, any posts made from a fresh account will be removed immediately.

One of the first steps to take is becoming a Redditor, which means actively engaging with the platform’s community. This does not mean spamming posts and replies on a variety of topics, as this will get your account flagged and ultimately banned. Interact like any other human being would, in a polite, but engaging manner.

Reddit is a vast platform with more subReddits than people can be bothered to count. It is important for a marketer to find the right Reddit niche where they want to make a name for themselves. Posting about Bitcoin in the Funny subReddit won’t help matters much, as people will downvote the content and ultimately get it removed.

Bitcoin has multiple subReddit users can make use of. The most popular one is /r/Bitcoin, which is where most of the Bitcoin-related activity on Reddit takes place. But there is also /r/BTC, which is relatively new but full of engaging community members. Cross-posting content and replies between both subReddit is allowed, but don’t overdo it either.

Perhaps the most important step to keep in mind is creating content tailored towards the Reddit audience one is trying to target. The platform has certain guidelines that need to be adhered to. Otherwise, your content is violating the rules and subject to removal. Unfortunately, there is no cookie-cutter solution to creating meaningful content for Reddit, as it is more of a trial-and-error practice.

Getting a feel for the Reddit platform is an important step to success and one can only learn by trial and error. Additionally, engaging with the community — even if it’s less than successful — will earn a user activity points, which increases one’s “standing” on the social platform. No effort is wasted on Reddit but do keep in mind it is not an easy process to master the platform.

Avoid The Obvious Pitfalls

One of the most common mistakes people make on Reddit is getting called out as someone openly advertising a certain product or service. Not everything you talk about on the platform should be about the brand or business you work for and actively engaging in other discussions is a good way not to draw unwanted attention to oneself.

Last but not least, a large portion of Reddit revolves around the comments. Any registered user on the platform can — and probably will — post a comment on the things posted by yourself. Make sure to keep an eye on those comments and be polite to people who take their time to do so. Answer any and all questions they might have to keep racking up activity points as well.

Posting content is one thing but not looking at comments will immediately raise suspicion. Granted, not everyone is lurking on Reddit all day but do try to post some reply within 12–24 hours maximum. Plus, some valuable information can be found in Reddit comments which will only help you become part of the community even faster.

What is your marketing strategy on Bitcoin? Are there other valuable resources for Bitcoin marketing in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Marketing Land

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Originally published at Digital Money Times.

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