The Future Role of Google Home In Fintech

Today’s announcement of Google Home brings an exciting new dimension to Fintech in general. Given the sheer knowledge Google has about all of its users, this new device will be able to have actual conversations with its owners, and provide the latest information on all kinds of topics, including Fintech advancements.

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A lot of us rely on our mobile devices for the latest information or display websites on our screens with a few mouse clicks. Google Home will make this entire process as easy as a voice query, which can send the latest stock information to your phone or tv, play your favorite Fintech podcast, or even tell you the Bitcoin price at that given time.

While pricing for the product has not been announced just yet, Google Home will be made available tot he public later this year. It may very well become a part of everyday life for anyone in the world of finance, as it can schedule and move meetings, provide information, send information to other devices, and everything in between.

Some people may compare Google Home to Amazon Echo, but there is a major difference between both offerings. The Amazon product is not as intertwined with our everyday lives, whereas Google has become synonymous with our connection to the rest of the world. Need to look something up? Google it. Want to check your email? Open Gmail. Writing this article? Open Google Docs. While this is a serious privacy concern for some users, it is also very convenient, which is what most consumers care most about.

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