Gift Wrapping the Bay

in no language are “eighteen“ and “patience” the same word
writing from a ninth floor valley view that I’ll soon trade in
with my cushy friends and my cushy life to be absolved of my sins
the sun-drenched Somewhere Else is calling
and we are grabbing the phones and calling in.

soon I’ll be halfway across the world
it’ll be Bangkok and Paris and before I know it
and I won’t be back for a three-year stint
but I think I’m ready to go
I’m ready to leave you, San Francisco.

in no language are “love” and “romance” unheard of
but get comfortable for our lives always in flux
uber drivers and boyfriend breakups
your life does not depend on furious OkCupid swiping
you can be whole without another bay area love trope
why can’t we stand to be alone?

I love you, Frisco, but we need to take a break
you’re putting me in the wrong mental state
my body is 70% adventure, 30% kind-hearted
always arriving in a state of constant departure
what we’ve got here feels like home
but because of this,
I need to go.