I have learned that there is beauty in being;
if humans were liquid,
that would explain what I’m seeing
as you course through the cracks
with as much meaning as white has
when it fades to black

because perhaps I am kissing the spaces in the in betweens
of where I was and what I want to be
stitching myself together at the seams
wherever it may seem unlikely
because the world does not stand or collapse around me…

looking from the last pedestal to the third
nobody will build them from our words
because space is what they deserve
if we haven’t learned to tread lightly by now, well,
we’ll never learn
we’ll never learn

and right now,
every neuron in my body is firing.
every cell that exists is finding meaning
in the small of your back and your breathing
even when you bore of people
and of everything,
I will wrap my fingers around what’s fleeting
and contemplate being
something bigger.

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