Hmmm. For the most part, I agree with the premise of your piece.
Allene Swienckowski

Very well put, your point about people not knowing themselves (or knowing but trying to resist their true nature) is all too common. How many gay men and women suppress their natural instincts in order to satisfy the “normal order” many in society inflict upon them? This kind of self-dishonesty is a sure-fire recipe for disaster in relationships, because from the onset they are not only keeping a secret from their partner, they’re resisting their own truth.

If only everyone was so willing to share and grow with the person they fall in love with, maybe we’d see more life partnerships as successful as yours. Congratulations on a lifetime of commitment and love; while I’m sure it had its share of bumps, your willingness to communicate and — most importantly — work through the ups and downs is undoubtedly one of the secrets to your continued happiness.