Construction Lawyer: What to expect when you get construction legal advice

Construction law can be at times a very technical thing for a homeowner, contractor, or even for a builder. Whether you are facing a building dispute regarding poor workmanship, delays in construction, delay or absence of payment, or any misunderstanding that may arise between builders, contractors and their clients; an expertise construction lawyer can be handy to give you construction legal advice, so you could understand your legal situation better.

While looking for good legal advice on construction law, it is best to look for someone with credibility and passion in what they do, so that you will be led to that right thing to do when faced in a building dispute.


It is important to find someone who is credible enough to talk about the subject matter. Preferably, someone with the expertise as a construction lawyer who handled various cases involving NSW Home Building and construction law.

Since they have the specialisation in dealing with legal matters on building and construction, they would know what they are talking about and would know what your rights in the situation are and what exactly the legal measures that you should do.

Thus, you can have the assurance that when trusting a construction lawyer, solving a building dispute becomes easier and more understandable for you.


Expertise will make a legal advice very credible, but it should not be the sole factor when looking for legal advice. It is important to consider that your construction lawyer must not overcharge for their services, but they will make the most of your time and money to give you the best legal advice for your situation. They will also strive to fix the situation as fast and efficient as they can, so you can carry on with your construction project smoothly once again.

Since they would know how important for you is your construction project, they will also treat your time and money as an investment. Having the experience in dealing with daily construction issues means that they would know what it means to be on your shoes, driving into the passion to give expert construction legal advice to those who need it.

And eventually, giving your trust to your construction lawyer as your go-to person whenever you do encounter your construction problems.

Who Can Help You?

Contracts Specialist gives legal consultations to clients with both credibility and passion for enforcing the rights of their clients. Led by their principal lawyer John Dela Cruz, who has 10+ experience in construction law with handling building disputes of different clients such as builders, contractors and homeowners- they would know how they handle their different problems with ease, so you are sure that their legal bits of advice on construction law are credible and worth both your time and money.