Journalism’s Gatekeepers Lost Control of Their Gates
Ed Madison & Ben DeJarnette

I commend Madison and DeJohnette for this piece. This is an exemplar of the “long form” journalism to which Medium aspires.

A critique I would offer, in line with Mr. Bechtold’s, is that the old style journalism and newscasting had implicit biases which were never acknowledged. Failing to report what a substantial portion of Americans wish to know about is itself a form of partisan bias. As my daily routine, I read the NY Times online, followed by the National Review. The most striking difference between the two is not how the articles themselves are tilted to the Left of Right, but what a large portion of topics is reported by only one or the other. It seems to me even before a journalist puts pen to paper, s/he reveals bias in the topic selected to write about.

For the record, I count myself as a political liberal who listens, which I fear is a small percentage of us.

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